Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KFC's Double Down

The Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) commercial on tv caught my attention while I was working on some of my school tasks. It was about their Double Down. For the love of chicken, I hurriedly finished my loads and went off to KFC's nearest branch from our house and tried out the snack.

The Double Down costs Php100.00. You can add Php35.00 to couple your order with a soft drink of your choice.

The Double Down is a one-of-a-kind sandwich that consists of two original recipe chicken fillets. Inside it include some Pork Bacon strips and some cheese and mayo.

The chicken is cooked well. It is juicy and tender. The cheese and mayo adds up sweetness to the snack. It's delicious you could turn your snack into a meal by ordering some rice. I recommend you to try it! This product is so meaty, there's no room for a bun!


  1. Wow! Sooo glad that you have this blog, Angel! A lot of restaurants and food that I've always wanted to try, but haven't had the time or budget to do so, now I know where to go and what to get with your help :)

    Keep the faith!


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