Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Elephant Bistro's Thai Imbotido, Phad Thai, Thai Crispy Pata, Bangkok Express, Spicy Sizzling Pochero, and Fried Calamari

Let's try some dishes different from our culture without flying out of the country. Located at the center of The Walk, Asia Town, I.T. Park, is a restaurant frequently visited by Thailand Cuisine munchers. It is Blue Elephant Bistro.

The signature color of the restaurant is blue.

Most of the furnishings are in blue including the lights, the walls, and the menu.

The ceiling is centered with a leaf-shaped light giving out a yellow glow.

The place is fairly ventilated. There are tables and chairs for small and large numbers of  costumers.

The utensils are squeaky-clean as well as the place.

Of course, the highlight of the restaurant is always the food. No matter how clean and comfortable one feels in a certain food-place, if the food is down, the costumers' impression will always end up bad.

Let's begin evaluating their Thai Imbotido. This Php105.00 viand is served in a classy style where the sauce is centered with the Imbotido slices in circle.

The Thai Imbotido is served fresh. If you dislike Imbotidos, your perception of the food will change. You'll love Imbotido then on. That's how good the Thai Imbotido tastes in this restaurant.

Bagoong Fried Rice is a delectable kind of rice served in the place. Ordering this one will make you not order another dish since it already has viand and rice. The taste is really excellent with a gratifying price of Php95.00.

Bangkok Express is perfect for those who crave for hot and spicy viands. This dish is challenging to eat because it is very hot and spicy. But because the dish is cooked deliciously, you'll forget about the hotness and spiciness by the time you'll try a spoon of it. This dish costs Php95.00 only.

Their Fried Calamari is done the way usual way but it tastes a bit different. There is a certain level of taste where the Calamari is better-tasting than some other restaurants' Calamari. This Fried Calamari tastes more good when dipped in the restaurant's special sauce. A serving of this costs Php135.00.

Phad Thai is their best-seller. Costumers come and go in the restaurant ordering again and again this Thai noodle. It is an enjoyable dish whatever the season will be. In a word, delicious. For a very affordable price of Php150.00, you can enjoy this dish that brings mixed flavors with a kick of sweet and some punches of sour. Don't forget to squeeze the juice of the lemon on top before digging in!

Thai Crispy Pata is scrumptious. On the other hand, costumers will for sure frown by the time they will begin dining with the dish because they will realize that there is less flesh and more bones in the serving. In my opinion, this dish is not good for Php258.00.

Spicy Sizzling Pochero is very good! The sauce is very creamy. It has a milky taste. You'll end up scrapping your spoon on the plate to get the sauce excess.The beef is soft and delicious. This dish is sold for Php190.00.

Feel like you are in Thailand without getting out of the Philippines. Try dining at Blue Elephant Bistro.

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  1. Just came across your blog. I also made a review on Blue Elephant Bistro :-) But you featured more food than I had in mine hehe..
    You can read my article here http://cherrey.110mb.com/index.php/cebu-restaurant-review-blue-elephant-bistro/


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