Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Island Sizzlers' Pork with Adobo Sauce

Usually in mall food courts, a stall called Island Sizzlers is always present. Its attractive name has always captured my attention whenever I pass the spot as it gives the mind a notion of great food for Filipinos.

I've eaten one of their dishes- the Pork with Oyster Sauce. It is very delicious. It's something not to be missed when you're in a mall.

Moving on, to discover something new, I tried their Pork with Adobo Sauce worth Php50.00. The dish is fine. It is tasty but not-so delicious.

A little invigorating smell comes out of the dish when you mix the rice with the viand.

Sad to say, this dish did not live-up my expectation. Not all of the food in the menu is as delicious as their Pork with Oyster Sauce. Too bad it cannot be called as a stall to be for great Filipino food finds.

Check out Island Sizzlers at the Food Court of Gaisano Fiesta Mall.

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