Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orange Brutus' Chicken Strips and Brute Burger & Spaghetti

Looking for a place to eat with a big consideration of your pocket? Go straight to SM City Cebu's Orange Brutus!

Give that hard-earned peso the best it could be spent by eating. Try Orange Brutus' Chicken Strips.

Think about a casual boneless fried chicken served in strips. The ones in Orange Brutus is not crispy but way delicious. With only Php50.00, you can enjoy chewing this juicy dish. Its gravy is like a home-made gravy. It is tasty. It has small chunks of mushroom. 

Burgers are served in so many ways. If you want a simple one, go for Orange Brutus' Brute Burger- two soft bread buns centering a juicy patty and mayonnaise.

This burger will prove you that a bun doesn't have to be stuffed with numerous veggies and sauces to be so delicious.

Their Spaghetti is fine. It is sweet but not to the extent that a meticulous costumer will get satisfied with the taste. 

The pasta is cooked good. The sauce is not meaty but tastes fair. This Brute Burger & Spaghetti meal is worth Php70.00.

There are different sodas to choose from for your beverage. Water is sold too.

The dishes are yummy in the tummy and fair with the pocket, right?

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