Friday, March 11, 2011

Tablea Chocolate Cafe's Choco Frio, Crepe Choco Banana, Chocolate Con Churros Sipping, and Tablea Sylvannas

Chocolate in its pure form without added preservatives come down to the roots of Tabliya. Local word meaning 'tablets', Tabliya explains its name for being used in varied shapes and sizes.
Many have opened stores and shops selling good Tabliyas. It is lucrative as it is loved by many due to taste and health effects.

Tablea Chocolate Cafe is a store located at the 2nd Floor Northwing of SM City Cebu. It basically sells desserts and beverages spotlighting tabliya in each order.

Though it's a cold drink, you'll melt away with the delightful look of this Choco Frio for only Php95.00.

Think of the home-made Choco Frio crowned with pulverized Tabliya. It is sweet and tasty.

Feel the guilt going up in you with this sweet and delicious Crepe Choco Banana for Php55.00. The banana is wrapped with soft yet thick crepe lovely headed with whipped cream.

The chocolate syrup plays a big role in making the whole order delicious as it adds a sweet filling to the banana. This is a very yummy order.

Level-up your sweet guilt with Tablea's Chocolate Con Churros Sipping for Php85.00.

These crispy Spanish fritters, garnished with cinnamon sugar, are perfectly paired with a cup of  hot chocolate- way delicious than it looks!

I personally recommend you to try this out! It is by far the most soft and yummy Churros you can find in town. Plus the fact that their choco is uber sweet and just right in stickiness- perfectly complements the Churros.

If you're not diabetic, continue the Tabliya sensation with Tablea Sylvanna for Php25.00.

This cookie-size dessert is yummy. It is Tabliya having some cracker-like bits wonderfully dressed in a creamy flour and covered with powdered chocolate.

Go for a Tabliya adventure at Tablea Chocolate Cafe today!


  1. WOW!! I want to eat one of those right now!! xD *drool*

  2. yummy! ^_^ I'm going to eat one of those when i get my salary! ^_^

  3. I think I just gained 10 pounds looking at it but it looks really yum! :)


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