Monday, April 4, 2011

Golden Cowrie's Garlic Rice, Fried Tuna Fingers, Baby Prawns Sinigang and Halo Halo

Are you craving for Filipino food? Make your way to one of Cebu's favorite place for great-tasting Filipino cuisine, Golden Cowrie.

The restaurant has a lot of branches; one of which is located at the lower ground floor of SM City Cebu.

All the seats and tables are in brown topped with the local look of vinegar and soy sauce containers.

Costumers get to eat different dishes on a flat plate with a banana leaf on top- adding a kick of old Filipino style in eating.

First up, Garlic Rice. The Garlic Rice is excellent. It is not oily and is served hot.

The cups of Garlic Rice are capped with fried garlic that give a soothing smell. This is worth Php121.44. This order is unlimited.

Their Calamares is fine.

The taste of their Calamares is the same with other restaurants' Calamares. This dish is worth Php122.32.

The Fried Tuna Fingers are yummy. It costs Php159.82.

The dish is not crunchy, not crispy and it looks like it is overcooked.

It is served with a mayo dip. The food will taste better when paired with it.

The Baby Prawns Sinigang is fantastic. It's exquisitely sour. The Prawns are soft to cut and eat. This is worth 144.64.

The Halo-halo is nothing more like the ordinary Halo-Halo made usually at home - small amount of toppings, small serving, tastes just fine. This is worth Php70.54.

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  1. I couldn't remember which among their many courses had I loved. But I do appreciate their rice servers.. They don't need to be called out. They always notice when you're plate has no rice left. :-)


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