Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leylam Shawarma's Shawarma Rice

Needing some food to stuff your grumbling stomach? Here is a snack-looking meal that will end your murmur for a healthy, delicious, affordable chow.

Leylam Shawarma does not only sell beef inside wraps but now a good stomach-treat to those who are in a hurry and are having small budget.

Sharwarma rice comprises of ground beef, carrots, cabbage, green peas, onions and many others. It is topped with mayo and a sauce right when it is served.

When buying this to-go food, you can assure yourself if it is done clean or not. The meal is cooked in-front of you.

Leylam Shawarma's Shawarma Rice is sold for Php55.00

You can add Php10.00 to your total food fee to add-up egg to your meal. You can have it done scrambled or sunny side up. You can also request to load your order with hot/chili sauce.

This is probably the best shawarma rice in town. The mixture of all its ingredients dash kicks of flavors that make it so inviting to eat. It smells good too!

You're looking for a healthy, delicious and way so affordable meal, again? You know what to buy!


  1. this food can get really addicting.. i am a bazaarista. our neighboring booth sell this, so i get to eat this almost every night..

  2. best shawarma rice ever! i tested other shawarma rice but this is only the best! love it!


  4. anyone knows the recipe for this??

  5. im addicted to this... if i have money i wanted to have a franchise of my own... or if i have a recipe of this i can cook this evry meal every day... :) :) :)

  6. I'm so so so fan of this .....taste is heavenly,.😃love it


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