Thursday, April 28, 2011

McDonalds Delivery's McSpaghetti, Double Cheese Burger, Fries and McFlurry

When you're tired and hungry, a perfect way to resolve your situation is to contact delivery service of a fast-food chain. For instance, McDonalds.

Most McDonalds branches all over the country are open 24/7. They deliver at any time. I recommend you to contact them using your phone because their online delivery is hassle and very slow. However, if you want to see their menu, there is a need for you to search on the net.

Not all McDonalds websites are the same. They are made differently, geographically. It is recommended that you already have some pick of foods to order as not all of the staff over the phone are accommodating- like the one I encountered days ago. They seem to be always in a hurry and they take time to tell you how much is your total fee.

For two times already, I have availed their delivery service. I have known that by the time you confirm one's orders, their staff would require the person to wait for their callback on how much your total fee is, that takes around 5-7 minutes of waiting. I recommend you guys to ask how much each of your order costs for you to have a calculation. However, they will still call you on how much. Just provide yourself a copy to double check the fee and keep the transaction/call fast and easy.

Another thing, by experience, I recommend you to be clear and simple in directing the deliveryman. They don't have cellphones to contact you when they are lost. Also, it's your part that will be hassled if they arrive late in your place as you're the one who's ordering.

No minimum order is required in availing their delivery service. You just have to pay Php40.00 charge in lieu.

For review, first on the list is McSpaghetti. This meal is sweet but not so meaty. There are less hot dog slices and meatballs. It's not that delicious to eat. It's just fine.

McDonalds is best known for their burgers. On the table is the Double Cheese Burger, a serving of two beef patties, two American cheese slices, onion rings, pickle slices, ketchup and mustard, housed by two toasted buns.

This burger is really delicious. Its ingredients give it a flavorful taste. If you love burgers, you'll definitely love this.

The world's famous fries is said to be one of the best, too.

Who would disagree? These golden yellow fries taste very good even without any sauce/dip. It is sweet and crispy. The fries of McDonalds are not short and not saggy.

The McFlurry is one of the children's favorite dessert. Who would dislike the taste of Vanilla soft serve blended with Oreos? As it sounds to you, already, it is sweet, so yummy and delicious.

It is so refreshing I bet you'll consider another one.

It comes in a unique container.

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