Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red Ribbon's Yummy Cheese Roll

Something new is being baked at Red Ribbon this season. It is the Yummy Cheese Roll.

The name of the pastry explains itself. Yummy Cheese Roll is a bread with cheese inside. It sounds yummy and it really is.

The bread is creamy and fluffy. It is made with cheese. You can smell its aroma- it's so cheesy.

The cheese placed inside is of the same length of the bread and is in rectangle- giving all the sections of the bread (wherever you want to begin biting) an even division of cheese.

Eating a Yummy Cheese Roll is like eating two different kinds of cheese at the same time because the bread contains a disperse taste of cheesiness compared to the real cheese stuffed inside.

Yummy Cheese Roll is sold for Php24.00. It is a delicious pastry you can make one at home.


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