Monday, May 9, 2011

Lay's Stax Sour Cream & Onion

School days are fast approaching. It's a good time to talk about snacks. One brand that would pop in your mind is Lay's Stax.

The brand has been producing a lot of chip and cracker products for years which are really delicious and good for those who are in a diet.

Lay's Stax Sour Cream & Onion is contained in a plastic, blue cylinder with a yellow flat cap.

A stack of chips inside the container is made with natural and artificial ingredients. A chip tastes sour and has a kick of sweetness.

Artificial green Onion bits on top of the chip add sweetness to the flavor. The entire food is tasty and delicious.

This junk food has 0 grams TransFat and is Gluten Free.

Enjoy Lay's Stax Sour Cream & Onion during your school breaks or your study time at home for only Php150.00.

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