Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lighthouse Restaurant's Prawns in Sinigang, Garlic Rice, Baked Tajong, Crispy Pata, Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour, and Lemonade Juice

Nestled in the buzzling city of Cebu is the serene Lighthouse Restaurant. This establishment has been open for long and is not doubted that it will stay longer.

Many foodies visit this restaurant over and over. This is the reason why I dinned in this restaurant with my family. Find out why.

Bring your family to this food-place. You can park your family van / personal car at the costumers' parking area outside the restaurant.

A living room will greet you when you open the entrance door. Costumers who are waiting for their dates / companies can slack here.

Each diner will have this on the table. A spoon and a fork wrapped in tissue paired with cups and small soup bowls are ready to be used- all in place on the restaurant's paper mat.

Clean and in order, guests can wash their hands at the sink where anything you need is there-water, dryer, soap and tissue.

The interior design looks so intricate. There are beach umbrellas, hanged dolphins, artificial waterfalls, an aquarium and many others.

The lighting is great. Round lights emit yellow light- giving the whole place an elegant atmosphere.

The chairs and tables are simple. There is nothing much to remember about it after leaving the restaurant for a food review.

Synthetic dolphins suspended

There are a lot of things to look after in the restaurant in terms of details. The corners and walls have a lot of decorations. There are vases, paintings, plants and lights.

This wall separates some of the tables to the others. It holds a huge aquarium.

Again, the restaurant's interior design is very intricate. It has a unique sense of style. This part is really nice to look at. The wall does not fully cover the dinning area with the living room. It has a rectangular hole where white pebbles are grounded.

The artificial waterfalls

This is quite attractive though it looks a bit messy. It's so high, people can't appreciate much of the appearance.

This is the waiters' deck- the area where you can find the waiters and crew who are in their colorful printed outfits.

There is a band that will serenade everyone in the restaurant. They are blind but they have good voices. They only perform classic songs.

Let's now talk about the food!

Prawns in Sinigang has perfect sinigang taste. The prawns are soft and there are a lot of veggies in the soup.  This dish costs Php300.00

Garlic Rice is not so good. It has no interesting taste. One will probably find it hard to see the significance or the connection of the taste with its brown color. This dish costs Php36.75.

Their plain rice on the other hand, can go with the unlimited service for Php31.50.

Their Baked Tajong is very delicious. It has a lot of cheese unlike other restaurants. You'll be asking for more before you leave. This dish costs Php98.70

Their Crispy Pata is flavorful. It is soft and big enough for diners. This dish costs Php420.00.

Their Fried Chicken is crunchy. It tastes very good. This dish costs Php235.73.

If you love fish, you can order their Sweet and Sour. They have Lapu-Lapu as the fish. This dish is delicious but it has too many veggies. The delivery of the dish is not that presentable. They could have done it better if the fish was centered with the colorful veggies and gave it to the costumer without the knife and service fork on top- really a down-grader. This dish costs Php143.85.

Their Lemonade Juice is so green. Healthy eaters will love it. It tastes really good. The Tropical Juice, like the Lemonade Juice is a healthy drink. It has colorful fruit dressings in the pitcher. It looks lovely and so 'orangey'. It costs Php150.00.

Lighthouse Restaurant is located at General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City.


  1. I am always intrigued by this restaurant. It seems like a great place to look at but I can't really find indications that a lot of people are dining there. This is the first time I also read something about the place.
    I love the interior. Very intricate indeed. I thought the prices are over the top but it's just like the same prices as the other Filipino restaurants.
    Maybe this place is worth checking out. :-)

  2. Do they serve buffet? Can they accommodate about 100+ guests?

  3. @Kristel: No they don't and yes, they can accommodate about 100 guests only if they close the whole store for an occasion reservation :) They do have function rooms though

  4. The crispy pata looks so appetizing. I was anticipating some pictures of dishes with prawns though.


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