Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coffee Dream's Caramel Cake, Full Breakfast, Meat Lasagna, Spanish Linguine and Irish Latte

Booming Cebuano brand, Coffee Dream is dominating the metropolis with a lot of alterations. From logo to menu expansion and to interior design of all its branches, let's take a peek of what's brewing in the store now.

This is a newly opened branch of Coffee Dream. It is situated at Benedicto College, A.S. Fortuna.

Seats placed outside the shop for smokers.

Going solo? Bring your gadgets and enjoy the free WiFi connection in the shop. This white bar table matched with bar seats could be your perfect spot.

Fluffy, artificial clouds suspended at some corners of the shop.

Cebuano-made reads are stacked on this Kenneth Cobonpue Art.

Office-like scenery: long Draperies by glass walls
The small, white coffee table is another Kenneth Cobonpue Art. It is placed in between two brown, Leather, single seater sofas.

Ready to order? A stretched menu board will greet you at the order and cashier section.

Brown cups are used for brewed coffees while the green ones are for your cold drinks

Care for a dessert? Pastries are available for your pleasure.

Espresso anyone?

A shot costs Php50.00 while double shots costs Php60.00.

Time to evaulate their food! First up, we have Caramel Cake.

The cake is very sweet. Its body is made up of chocolate with a thick caramel top, dressed with chocolate syrup.

The taste is good. If you're a true sweet-lover, then you'll fall in love with this. Caramel Cake costs over a hundred Pesos.

Unlike any other coffee shops in the city, Coffee Dream serves meals, pastas and sandwiches. One of the meals they serve for breakfast is their Full Breakfast. It costs Php150.00

Full Breakfast consists of sausages, a sunny-side up, garlic rice and some green leaves. The sausages are cut slantingly and are dressed with mayonnaise. The Garlic Rice is a bit sour. The egg is half-cooked (which I personally love-half-cooked eggs). Its egg white is fairly white and the yolk is very orange- very fresh!

One of the pastas that they serve is the Meat Lasagna. It costs Php140.00.

Meat Lasagna consists of Lasagna and a pair of Garlic Bread. The bread is crunchy. It's a bit sweet and a bit sour. It is good that it tastes that way because the Lasagna, the star of the dish should be the highlight in the eating. The bread is only present to compliment the sweetness of the Lasagna. The Lasagna, on the other hand is so delicious.

One of the pastas that they serve is the Spanish Linguine. It costs Php140.00.

The Garlic bread is crunchy. It's a bit sweet and a bit sour. The pasta is soft. It is combined with milk. The milky taste makes the whole dish savory. However, the pasta looks so dry because the milk 'sauce' is not enough. They could've added more milk to make the dish more delicious.

One of the sandwiches that they serve is the Apple and Tuna Sandwich. It costs Php120.00.

I wasn't able to taste this sandwich but judging it through merely looking at the picture, I can say that the bread is a bit dry. I can't see any condiment filled inside it- giving me an impression that the whole thing in the plate is dry. It has no mayonnaise, no ketchup, no mustard etc.. However, I'm sure that this is one healthy sandwich.

This is Irish Latte, a new beverage in Coffee Dream's menu.

It is very sweet and yummy.  This costs Php120.00

Bottomline; the place is very appealing. It is comfy and clean. For the food, some are satisfactory, some are not. The service, however is excellent. The staff is very accomodating and approachable.

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