Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cafe Gloria's Bulgogi, Pan Seared Prawns, Grilled Mexican Chicken, Beef Rendang, Davao White Marlin, Sweet and Sour, Humba, Coco Fry Cream Dory, Kimchi, Leche Flan, and Japanese Foods

San Remegio Pensionne Suites' Cafe Gloria is the place to be when you're looking for urban escape. The building is located at the center of Mabolo where the restaurant is at the roof deck- overlooking the city's harbor area and business park, morning and night.

Before you get there, you'll be passing slumps and squatters areas that are not so pleasing to the eyes at all, but you'll find a good hunch for the foods served at Cafe Gloria. The place is quite hard to find- truly a hideout for isolation-seekers.

The restaurant's name is inspired by the owner of the business, Gloria. It's interior design is nice. It's given attention that should be acknowledge by the costumers. It's lights are so initmate.

Cafe Gloria can seat around 80-90 people and is open daily from 6AM to 10PM. 

The restaurant serves a fusion of American and European Cuisine in Ala Carte system. It is handled by three chefs well trained by five-star hotels in the city.

Cafe Gloria is a unique place because it has two areas for dining. First is the indoor dining area and the other one is the outdoor (veranda).

They serve a long line of beverages including wines and beers.

So much for the restaurant's general information, let's start talking about its food.

This is Bulgogi. It is very sweet. It has thick sauce.

This is Pan Seared Prawns. The Prawns are clean and soft. The soup is flavorful.

This is Grilled Mexican Chicken. It's spicy in flavor. It is delicious but the chicken is not cooked well- quite hard to cut.

This is Beef Rendang. It is slightly sweet. In some ways, the beef is cooked uniquely because it  is abundant in flavors. The beef absorbed a lot of ingredient extracts that make it taste just as it is.

This is Davao White Marlin. It doesn't taste very good and is tangy.

This is Sweet and Sour. It's very easy to describe this dish in one word-delicious.

This is Humba. Its soup is great. It is not so oily but the some parts of the pork are hard to chew and cut.

This is Coco Fry Cream Dory. It is very yummy.

 This is Kimchi. It is spicy and holds kicks of flavors.

 This is Leche Flan. It is made with milk giving the consumers a milky taste. It is delicious.

These are some of the Japanese foods. The vegetables and fishes are fresh.

For those who plan to throw a party, it's not impossible at Cafe Gloria. Right at the corner of the veranda is Hangover, a mobile bar with an array of alcoholic refreshments.

It's like you're truly in a bar with their staff service and alcoholic containers


  1. Yeah, some food seems to taste great, but others do not,well let see..hehehe but i love their Hangover as it looks...


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