Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cofifi Cafe's Red Velvet Cupcake, Revel Bar, Carrot Cake, and Banana Smoothie

This cafe is so full of decorations, you'll forget that it's a food-place! See it for yourself!

Cofifi Cafe flaunts its very artistic furniture and interior design. It is a spot perfect for those who love and want to love art. It also fits to those who want to chill in a crafty place.

There are varied designs inside the cafe. From walls to the corners and to sides, there are different themes to have a sight.

These are white lights suspended above the door. There are other lighting designs in the place.

These are walls divided by a glass surface. The one inside the cafe is made out of bricks in white color and the other one that is located outside is made with large, artificial rocks; showing texture and different shades of black color.

This cute snowman figurine reminds every costumer the joy of having a cold drink while fancying a good read. Manggas, novels and fact books are displayed on this stool.

These pillows are very soft. Its cases have black, intricate design like that of dress laces. The wooden bench gives a natural concept.

Cofifi Cafe says picture frames don't need pictures to look good. It can make use of another frame to look better. Clever, huh?

The whole of it

These seats are intended for those who want a wide view outside the cafe. Beside it are pictures of Cofifi's costumers pinned to the cork-board.

 As you can see, the outside of the cafe has a lot of seats and tables in colorful and divergent looks.

Illustrations clipped on a suspended roped graced by three single couches and a green, round center table.

Stools by the counter

The menu board

The cafe's interior design is excellent. Let's see if its food is at par with the quality of the place's environment.

This is Red Velvet Cupcake.

The white top is extremely sweet. Its black body tastes just as sweet and delicious as common cupcakes do.

This costs Php55.00.

This is Revel Bar.

This is very delicious. The brown body tastes very good. The chocoloate top is very tasty especially when it melts. The whole thing is so munchy.

This costs Php25.00.

This is Carrot Cake.

The look is so attractive. The small cake is plated with baking paper beneath.

Grind nuts are sprinkled all over the white cream and Carrot chunks are sowed inside the cake. The nuts make the dessert very crunchy while the Carrot chunks make the whole serving so chewy and very delicious! I recommend you guys to try this.

This costs Php70.00.

This is Banana Smoothie.

This refreshment is a bit sweet. It tastes just like a a natural banana, delicious. However, the blend is not so concentrated. It lacks milk. If I were to compare this one with the other smoothies in town, this would probably near last in the list.

This costs Php80.00.

Cofifi Cafe is in Treehouse Building at General Maxilom Avenue, Ramon Aboitiz Street.


  1. CUTE!!! Why are these places so FAR AWAY FROM ME?? :-)

    The Glamarazzi

  2. Thanks for blogging about this little cafe! I never even knew about it until now and it's not too far from my office. I'll definitely drop by! The desserts look good. :)


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