Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jollibee's Sour Cream and Four Cheese

Lately, Jollibee introduced their newest product to the public. It is their French Fries in two different flavors- Sour Cream and Four Cheese.

The coming of Jollibee's flavored fries in their menu reveals an all new fries-packaging. As for me, it's not that attractive since the opening has evolved bigger- making the costumers get less fries than they should (considering the fries will fall back when it's placed in the thin carton upon serving).

Basically, the difference of the two new fries are the powder flavorings. The prices are the same for the two flavors. The Large costs Php51.00 while Extra Large costs Php63.00.

The Sour Cream is more yellow compared to Original. You can see that there are green seasonings sprinkled on top of the fries.

The Sour Cream tastes salty. It is that of the Green Piatos junk food. It is tasty.

The Four Cheese is not the kind of fries you're probably thinking of. It is not fries dipped or sprinkled with four kinds of cheese.

The Four Cheese smells so good. It tastes salty yet cheesy. The fries are coated too much that make it look icky and exasperatingly cheesy.

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