Friday, July 29, 2011

Llew's Mud Pie's Chocolate Mud Pie and S'mores

Among the many food-places in Cebu that are located in the nooks of its busy cities is Llew's Mud Pies.

You probably haven't heard about this store and now that you do, you might want to consider visiting it.

Llew's Mud Pies is a one-of-a-kind store. It covers a very small place and it offers only a few foods but though it's small in size and short in the menu, it gives its customers enough bites for their buck.

The inside of the store is really small. It can only cater around 10 to 15 people, however, its walls are evenly stylized with modern pictures in frames and the lights that emit shades of yellow, are suspended in an uncluttered way.

Two swivel stools in red and white respectively compliment the wall colors.

The ordering area

Some seats and an electronic fan

This is Chocolate Mud Pie.

It is a small serving of a thin layer of brownies added with a thick layer of choco jelly, topped with a chocolate bar.

Generally, brownies are sweet and delicious. The brownies in this food is of no difference with the common brownies sold in bakeshops. The choco jelly is so yummy and quite sweet.

This order is not so special, actually. After a week, you probably will forget that you ate this. There is no 'remembering-factor' that will make you reminisce this dessert.

This costs Php30.00.

This is S'mores.

It is two Graham crackers centering one big marshmallow and some chocolate syrup.

This food is served warm in a red pack. The entire food taste so chocolatey and very sweet.

You'll never fail to be clumsy when eating this. Even adults end up having chocolates around their mouth and cheeks.

This costs Php25.00.

Llew's Mud Pie is located at Ramon Aboitiz Street, General Maxilom Avenue.

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