Friday, July 1, 2011

Mother's Fried Chicken's Spaghetti, Leche Flan, Chicken Soup and Iced Tea

Located right at the center of at Saint Patrick's Square, General Maxilom Avenue is a small restaurant named Mother's Fried Chicken. My lounging purpose upon going there turned out into a food review. Here it is.

The eatery is very easy to find. It's an ideal spot for small group meet-ups.

The eatery's interior design is so simple yet so attractive.

Although the fact that the area for washing is not fitting because it's so near to the stairs, it looks so cute.

The chairs are very comfy and stylish.

Menu and promo guides framed for the costumers.

Huge paintings of food are displayed on the walls.

The high ceilings evoke free and easy going vibe.

For random taste tests, I ordered a soup, pasta, and a cold dessert.

Their Spaghetti is not so sweet. It is not so meaty but it has a lot of cheese topping. Its pasta is cooked firmly. The smell is different but understandable because the dish uses sausages not hotdogs. A plate of this spaghetti costs Php73.00

Their Leche Flan is yummy. It's not milky but it's delicious. A serving of this dessert costs Php35.00.

Their Chicken Soup smells good. Its broth is tasty but not so sweet. The noodles and chickens are half-cooked. The cabbage leaves are fine but the carrots are stiff and quite hard to cut.

A bowl of this soup costs Php79.00.

Their Iced Tea is very sweet. You'll probably consider ordering a bottle of mineral water to balance the taste. It's really so sweet! A glass of this beverage costs Php30.00

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