Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie

Here is a fiber-enriched oatmeal cookie from America's number one oatmeal brand, Quaker Oats. The company continues to encourage people of all ages to eat their products to be/stay healthy.

For Quaker Oats, there is no stopping in developing healthy products that suit to every member of the family. These products which vary from cereals, snack bars, rice snacks, granola bites, grits, pancakes and many others are exceptionally made to look more appealing and more delicious as it all can be.

One of Quaker Oats' line of products is their oatmeal cookie. It is available in different flavors; one of which is the Honey Nuts.

This is how the packaging of the product looks like. The packing  is very clean and the label is presentable.

There are three cookies in every pack and every cookie has wholesome goodness in it.

The taste is very satisfying. A cookie is so crunchy- you'll enjoy crumbling it down. It is composed of nuts which are very delicious.

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  1. i buy the one w/ raisins.. i get thirsty lang everytime i eat this!


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