Sunday, August 14, 2011

Teriyaki Boy's TB Chicken Ju

Let's go Japanese! And no, there is no need to reserve a plane ticket going to Japan to taste their delicate flavors. 

Teriyaki Boy has the Japanese dish you want to eat. From fresh sushis and pungent sauces, look forward to seeing it in their menu.

Yellow and Black are the theme colors of the restaurant. 

The yellow glow of the lights result to intimacy of ambiance. The seats are comfy and the tables are big enough to cater all your large orders.

This will greet you when you're already on your seat.

The mat is so cute. A young lady stands on a yellow world, giving a mirthful message.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju is one of the restaurant's bestseller that is why I ordered it for a test.

Below is a special Ju box. It contains the restaurant's signature grilled Teriyaki Boy Chicken with sweet and savory teriyaki sauce, topped on steamed Japanese rice.

I'm not a fan of Japanese Cuisine but this one made me like a part of it.

The grilled chicken is so moist. It is so soft and tender.

The sauce is perfect! It is so sweet and savory. You'll enjoy eating even without the chicken; just the rice and sauce.

On the other hand, the rice is like no other. It is watery. Sounds gross but it's so good. You actually have to expect that is it watery because it's steamed.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju costs Php198.00

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