Monday, July 25, 2011

Uncle Noodles' Shark's Fin Noodle Soup and Uncle Noodles Special

Noodles are one of the many foods anybody can cook. You don't have to be a chef to deal with it in the kitchen. All you need is the creativity in mixing and matching different baits and produce that will make your concoction taste good.

For Uncle Noodles, noodles is no fun matter. It should be handled with passion and should end up as delicious as it can be using fresh and pure compliments.

Uncle Noodles is the newest restaurant at One Mango Avenue. It mimics the hawker stalls in Singapore and its style of cooking noodles. It mainly serves soup and noodles prepped with yummy delights.

Like that of a Singaporean eatery, Uncle Noodles covers a small area yet there are adequate spaces for costumers to roam around.

The chairs, tables, cabinets, and walls are tinted in yellow and red color- highlighting the influence of the flavors of Singapore in the mini restaurant.

The place is very clean.

The utensils, condiments, and other kitchen necessities are arranged once and a while whenever it's disarranged by the costumers.

This is where your orders come and go.

Let's now begin talking about their food.

There is a dish for every member of the family at Uncle Noodles. They have offers for kids and for those who eat a lot. They have dry and with wet servings.

This is Shark's Fin Noodle Soup. It's a bowl of fresh leafy veggies, noodles, and some other goodies paired with three Shark's Fins arranged in a  lovely manner.

The pasta used in this bowl is cooked firmly. The cut vegetables are fresh and the rest of the foods included in the bowl taste good.

The Shark's Fin is really delicious. It is the main viand of the bowl. It's somewhat like a dumpling.

Under all the foods in the bowl is sauce. You can dip your Shark's Fin into it to get some spicy kick. I recommend you to have a little taste with the mixture because you might not like it. If you dislike spicy food, you better not mix all the foods in the bowl with it.

This can be ordered with a separate soup if you desire it to be served dry. Likewise with the other foods.

A bowl of Shark's Fin Noodle Soup costs Php75.00.

This is Uncle Noodles Special. What makes it special? Well, it has all the ingredients the restaurant offers. It contains a Shark's fin, Fish ball, Prawn, and some Char Siu and minced meat.

The Char Siu and Shrimps are moist and flavorful.

The soup tastes fine. It's not so sweet and not so sour. It perfectly matches the different flavors of the ingredients in the bowl.

A bowl of Uncle Noodles Special costs Php95.00


  1. I love a good noodle place. Will definitely try this out. =)

  2. I like their laksa soup. Tried also their dry uncle special, spicy, sarap.


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