Thursday, August 18, 2011


Junk foods are easy to find in convenience and department stores. Though they are insanely unhealthy, we still buy and eat them mainly because they taste and look good.

Doritos is no exemption. It is probably one of the most favorite junk foods of today. It is sold in many available flavors and one of which is Nacho Cheesier.

This red pack contains orange nachos in mild flavor sensation. Each chip is full of spice. They appear like dried, triangle leaves with cheese and spices immersed inside.

There is a hard snap when you break a portion of the chip off your mouth. It bursts mixtures of different tastes that is the reason why many people love this food.

There is a kick of spiciness and sweetness- really delicious. 

Doritos (big size) costs Php95.00.

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