Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill's Bagoong Rice, Adobo Rice, Bulalo Pochero, Sinigang Hipon, Kare-Kare, Tinolang Manok, Krispy Pata, Marlin Slab, Sisig, Bicol Express, and Fish & Fries

If you are a huge fan of Bob Marley and you love your palate as long as there is Blue Marlin, then you are in for a toast.

Just days ago, Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill celebrated its first 30 days in the business here in Cebu. It is the very first restaurant in metro that offers a wide array of Blue Marlin dishes under a Bob Marley-inspired lodge

The place is beachy. Some of the walls are painted with Skyblue, Green, and Red while the others are crafted with yellow planks.

Diners who choose to huddle at the second floor will be greated with colorful guitars as they make their way up on the stairs.

This is the second floor. It's simple and spacious.There is a balcony overlooking the whole park of the mall built for smokers and those who choose to breathe natural air. 

Diners will be hearing reggae songs the whole time they are in the restaurant.

The colorful walls are decorated with framed Bob Marley quotes and portraits.

When you're on your seat, you'll find this.

The placemat is nice. There are doodles and trivias about Bob Marley and Blue Marlins.

Let's talk about their food!

This is Bagoong Rice. Its taste is not pleasing, sad to say. There is only a little gap that separates ordinary rice with this one. It costs Php34.00 per cup.

This is Adobo Rice. It looks so appealing but the taste isn't. It's just plain rice mixed with some amount of Adobo Sauce. It costs Php36.00

This is Bulalo Pochero. The broth is fine. It costs Php239.00.

This is Sinigang Hipon. The right kick of flavors is present. This is very good. It costs Php229.00.

This is Kare-Kare. It's delicious. It has achieved the right fusion of sweetness and spiciness. It costs Php229.00.

This is Tinolang Manok. It is not spicy but is so good. It costs Php229.00.

This is Krispy Pata. It's soft, a bit moist and really good.

It costs Php339.00.

This is Marlin Slab. Its look and aroma tell that it's grilled. The Blue Marlin is soft and yummy. The sauce is that of a fast-food chain's burger steak sauce though. It's a good viand.

It costs Php79.00 per 100 gram (of Blue Marlin).

 This is Sisig. It doesn't have strong mixture of flavors but it's tasty.

It costs Php179.00.

This is Bicol Express. It is super spicy! You'll love this dish because of the mixed coconut milk. It costs Php85.00.

This is Fish and Fries. The fries are flavorless and dry despite the tiny vegetable cuts sprinkled on top. The only thing that adds taste to the fries is the mustard. The fish tastes so good. It tastes better with the mustard. It costs Php159.00.

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