Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ilaputi's The Stroganov, Pastas Gambas, Beef Mediterranean, Mexcebuano Chicken, Two-Pesto Shrimp Pasta, Grilled Chikari

Seeking for Asian Soul Food? Ilaputi is just the right restaurant for you! Bask is mouth-watering dishes coupled with great music and intimate atmosphere.
Almost everything in Ilaputi is pleasing. The place is filled with furniture cozy enough to make you feel at home. The cashier and waiters are very accommodating.

There are dining tables at the veranda for diners who want to have a clear view of the streets and passersby and feel the high beat of the live band performances featured on selected days.

This is The Stroganov. It is very delicious. Thanks to the milky taste of the sour cream. It correlatesthe rice and the tenderloin tips. They fairly cooked the mushrooms. Nice.

No wonder this is the all time best-seller of the restaurant. This costs Php265.00.

This is Pastas Gambas. It has an inviting aroma. The shrimps are boiled well. The slices of brown bread are very tasty. Its sides and the center is soft enough to bite and chew. This costs Php220.00

This is Beef Mediterranean. If you love Italian salads, you'll find pleasure with this dish. Onions, black olives and other organic greens are tossed together with thinly sliced beef make the whole thing look savory. The beef is moist and the leaves are attractively green -stating how fresh it is.

This costs Php200.00.

This is Mexcebuano Chicken. This is very delectable and I must say, very the same with the Mexican chicken dish I've tried in a first-class mexican restaurant. The chicken breast fillets rubbed with mexican spices burst in different flavors. It is served with yellow rice and pickled vegetables that give the dish a fairy glow.

This costs Php230.00.

This is Two-Pesto Shrimp Pasta. It is savory. Don't eat the pasta alone because it'll sound absurd. After all, the dish is served with the shrimp so it should be eaten with it. However, if you are the type of person who enjoy clever tastes then you may do so. This costs Php220.00.

This is Grilled Chikari. The curry sauce is so yummy and the rice is tasty and looks so colorful. The skinless, boneless chicken served was a bit hard.This costs Php220.00.

Reach Ilaputi at +63 32 4158800 or at Ilaputi is located I1 Building, Asia Town IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.

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