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Santiago Restaurant's Tres Leches, Coco Flan, Boronia, Feijoada, Arroz Con Pasas Y Pipino, Arroz Con Carne, Crema Anaranjada, Pupuza, Chicama, Vata, & Anticucho De Pollo

All roads lead to Mactan as Santiago Restaurant opens its flagship location for Cebu locals and tourists. This crossroad cuisine in South America has a lot in store for spice-lovers.

You need not to fly to the Southern part of the world to experience the  flavors of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Guyana.

Santiago Restaurant allows Cebu to see a menu that of the size of a continent. Surfing the restaurant's menu is so broad for one not to get hungry. Appetizers alone number some 62. Rice varieties come in 62 options. Entrees count some 40 items. How's that for a Southern American food adventure?

This is the entrance door of Santiago Restaurant. It is intricately done.

If there are too many diners, those who can wait have a table and sofa to slack in the meantime.

Paintings and photographs about the different sceneries and icons of South America are exhibited on the walls.

These lovely ladies in  South America-inspired dresses await for your coming. They are very presentable and accommodating.

The bar will greet you right when you get inside the dining area. Varieties of wines and drinks displayed on the shelves tell how fancy this restaurant is.

The glass goblets suspended on top of the bar look very fascinating.

A photograph of a man playing a Flute made out of Bamboo

The ventilation is fine. The place is small but there is adequate space for passing and strolling.

The arrangement of tables look jumbled but it is actually following a slanting way of table placing.

The interior design is well done. It displays how South American Restaurants look like. The walls are glasses with black veranda architecture done outside. Red-orange draperies compliment the chairs which are fantastically comfortable and stylish.

The atmosphere of the place is very intimate. This is because of the lights paired with extensive colorful fabrics that give a 'fiesta-ish' feeling and the background music. The music being played are Chilean and Latin America instrumentals.

Details are highlighted in the place. This is no placemat on a table. This is a glass design bordered by heavy wood. Very attractive.

Santiago Restaurant's table setting.

This is how your place will look like.

Santiago Restaurant offers Mexican food in buffet and Ala Carte system.

This is Tres Leches. It looks soft but the body is thick and hard. It has a milky taste. It's yummy though the sweetness is extreme. This is an excellent dessert. Diabetics, stay away form this.

This is Coco Flan. The body is dry but it's delicious.

This is Boronia. It is done well. The eggplant is not overcooked and the spices are well absorbed by the chunks of veggies. It tastes great.

This is Feijoada. It's a good dish because it's not oily. It's taste is easy to find in your nearest street food-places.

This is Arroz Con Pasas Y Pipino. It is spicy and a bit sweet.

This is Arroz Con Carne. Its beef is firm. The black olives make the dish spicy. It's like fried rice but way delicious from the ones cooked at home.

This is Crema Anaranjada. It tastes like baby food. It's somewhat like mustard only less concentrated.

This is Pupuza. It's sour but considerably yummy because it melts in your mouth. The taste of this food relies much on the coulis that the Pupuza will be dipped into. Only the coulis give taste to this fry.

This is Chicama. It's simply delicious. It tastes more delicious if it's eaten with coulis. The available coulis include Lettuce and Corn which are very ambrosial and very healthy.

This is Vata. It is a mixture of shrimp and fish in brown soup. It tastes good. The shrimps are moist and the fishes are soft.

This is Anticucho De Pollo.

It is sweet, spicy and flavorful.

Their iced tea is too sweet.

Santiago Restaurant is located at Matumbo Pusok Hills, Across Timex Complex, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island Cebu, Philippines. For inquiries contact them through their website

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  1. I wonder if they're still in business? Yum! Tres Leches is really good. It's actually sponge cake soaked in 3 types of milk, evaporated milk, whole milk and condensed milk. That's why its so rich and sweet but so good! Interesting restaurant, I want to try this. How much was the buffet?


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