Sunday, December 4, 2011

Greenwich's Christmas Present

Greenwich Pizza Chain surprised the Filipinos with its 'Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Blowout' last week. They gave out free slices of their delicious pizzas simultaneous in all of their branches in the country.

The event served as a shout-out from our friends in the pizza chain. They formally announced to the public their early Christmas present.

Many may have not known that the pizzas served in Greenwich are premade. They are all delivered -just reheated when ordered.

Not anymore. Greenwich has expanded their service. They will no longer be serving premade/delivered pizzas for all of their branches will have their very own cooks, grown ingredients and ovens.

Every Greenwich Pizza is flavored as soon as you order it, so you get them freshly baked and deiciously hot, right out of the oven.

I personally tasted the pizzas in Greenwich which where freshly made and I was astound. There is a big difference between the premade and the freshly-made in terms of taste, aroma, look and experience.

The dough is golden fluffly -freshly made crust that's crispy and chewy. It vents out a very dreamy smell that makes you feel hungry. One can genuinely catch the flavor of the pizza's premium toppings and feel the melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella and cheddar cheese Also, expect a perfect blend of sauce made from fine ingredients.

Head on to your nearest Greenwich pizza chain and delight yourself with yet the freshest pizza there could be in your town.

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