Saturday, December 3, 2011

Selecta's Cornetto Disc

Everyone deserves a little treat every now and then. It's the little pleasures in life such as enjoying a delicioius ice cream that can brighten your day.

It is exactly that reason why Selecta continues to create ice creams. Just before we jumped to December, Selecta introduced Cornetto Disc to the Philippine market. Many don't know that this kind of ice cream stick is available in some nations outside Asia.

Cornetto Disc is available in chocolate and Vanilla flavor.

This is Cornetto Disc in Chocolate flavor.

Its wrapper is orange with an illustration of the ice cream's inside.

This is the top look of the ice cream's wrapper.

Crowning the entire ice cream is a chocolate disc with nuts randomly sprinkled. A blot of brown ice cream centers the nuts. It serves as a 'glue' to the top cover/wrapper.

A swirl of black chocolate syrup stems at the center of the smooth, brown ice cream from the bottom point of the disc down to the tip. This is something you'll look forward in eating clearly because the 'body' is not plain.

Heading down comes the ever-crispy wafer cone. Wait for a surprise when you're half an inch to the base. There's a chunk of yummy chocolate that's the most delicious of any part of this ice cream stick.

Selecta's Cornetto Disc costs Php25.00.


  1. Good job, Angeli! ;D

  2. Delicious! Something you'd want to get again and again! The choco fudge right at the center would make you want it more. Not a 'nutty' person (haha) but this delicacy changed my perspective with almonds. Great job! ;) Maybe this should be in an ad article.

  3. I love chocolates and Cornetto made me love it more!

  4. I gotta try. Love the TV Commercial! :D


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