Thursday, December 22, 2011

SumoSam's Sake Politan, Japanese Fried Rice, Victory Float, Chicken Teriyaki & Mangoes Pizza, Citrus Miso Vinaigrette, Pork Gyoza, and Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

Japanese food is refined and elegant. Its flavors are pure and delicate for each preparation and presentation are shed with elitism. Like many of the most highly developed cuisines on Earth, Japanese food celebrates and highlights flavors, textures, colors and health benefits of produce.

This is exactly the reason why dining in Japan is an experience to be enjoyed and remembered for the rest of one's life but if one cannot afford to visit the nation for food-tasting, don't force yourself instead, head on to SumoSam.

Tour your tongue to Japan without flying away from the country. Drive yourself to SumoSam and bask yourself to the ultimate, genuine Japanese Cuisine alternative.

SumoSam is a perfect place for Japanese food connoisseurs. From mouth-watering grilled steaks, vibrant dressed sushi, succulent seafoods and garden-fresh vegetables to a variety of  signature cocktails and other Japanese favorites, a meal is prepared best; giving guests gentle nods of the taste of perfection.

SumoSam's interior is simply varied. Wood planks aligned to each other serve as the wall. Frames of complex illustrations are suspended on it. The counter greets you to a display of beverages offered by the restaurant. It comes in red background with black borders. The lights come in different sorts of designs and it emits yellow and white rays giving a soulful ambiance.

Lure yourself with their tempting selection of 140 grills, fries, fresh and other and indulgence of hot and cold beverages. Each of the dishes is illustrated with a color photograph opening an easy way for diners to choose food.

From light, smooth and creamy to this rich red version of Sake Politan, the absolute classic recipe from Japan is present in SumoSam's menu. Order this for Php98.00, bottomless.

Their Japanese Fried Rice is flavorful. You can tell it through its look- having many spices and garnishing.

This costs Php98.00 per cup; Php278.00 per bowl.

Table for four? Victory Float is good for 3-4 stomachs. Delight in splashes of uplifting colors with the sorts of  balmy made California, Philiadelphia, and Dynamite Roll with fresh Tuna, Salmon, and Kani Sashimi cuts. This costs Php858.00.

Pizza lovers have their place in the restaurant. Among the pastries offered includes Chicken Teriyaki and Mangoes Pizza which is really good. The mangoes give a unique taste to the entire dish. This costs Php288.00.

Citrus Miso Vinaigrette combines a rich, colorful appearance of mixed greens come with satisfying texture and harmonious flavors of grilled prawns, mangoes and caramelized walnuts. This is SumoSam's pride. It costs Php278.00

Looking for crunchy Dumplings? Pork Gyoza will bring zest in your stomach. Finely shredded Womboks combined with crushed Garlic Cloves and some special minced ingredients contain their Gow Gee Wrappers.

This costs Php228.00.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki is something that should not be missed at SumoSam. Although some parts are overcooked, the flesh is moist and tender oozing with flavors. This costs Php228.00.

SumoSam is a surefire restaurant that will satisfy your hankering for Japanese cuisine. It is located at the Ayala Terraces, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines. Reserve seats through (032) 401-0643.


  1. I like the way you wrote it, you described the ambience of the restaurant and the fair judgement of the food (the positive and negative. x)) I like going to restaurants just to have fun and I tend to be very picky, and because of how you wrote your article, it made me hungry again. x)
    It's perfect. x)
    Imma check out SumoSam tomorrow. XD

  2. makagutom! :) it's mouth watering (i'm not sure with the term, but anyway) by just reading the whole article!

  3. Diba Sumosam is owned by Marvin Augustine?


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