Monday, April 9, 2012

Bohol By Night

Touring Europe for only one night is not as impossible as it sounds. In Panglao Island, Bohol, all you need is a hungry stomach that is ready to stuffed by the playful flavors of the West and you're good to go.

Panglao is small but you'll be surprised how big and far it can take you. It is abundant in restaurants offering different local and international cuisines.

Bohol by Night is one of the services offered by Amorita Resort. It is a European Degustation featuring the cuisines of Spain, Italy and Austria. Guests get to discover and explore diverse cultures that has grown in the island through its delectable dishes. It is hosted by Panglao Island's best restaurants.

Before you think that this degustation is the same with the common ones in your city, well, you got it wrong. Bohol by Night is a traveling degustation. Guests get to experience how the night goes in a personal note. They get to meet the locals and fellow tourists at the streets as they move from one restaurant or cafe to the next.

Experience this gastronomic adventure through Amorita Resort.

Prior reservation required.
(Minimum of 6 persons, Friday or Saturday Nights Only)


6-12 years old

6years old & below
(FOC) Free of Charge

Some of Bohol's Best Restaurants featured in Bohol by Night:

Guiseppe is where you can experience traditional Sicilian food that is good, filling and fresh. Italian Cuisine is the highlight of the place. The dishes are homemade, the ingredients are fresh, and the flavors are undoubtedly authentic. Once you're tried their wood-fired oven pizzas, you will not settle for pizza anywhere else.

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast
Contact Number: (038) 510.1271

Justin Galang Linke is the son of the owner of Jugali's Bistro. The combination of the first two letters of his name JU-GA-LI is the root of the bistro's name. Jugali's Menu offers high quality cuisine in a tropical mood. They showcase Spanish Cuisine starting from Sandwiches, seafood, pizzas to cocktails.

Jorg Linke
Contact Number: 09294103189

C.U is short for Chef Uli, who is the owner of the shop. C.U. Restaurant and Delicatessen's menu consists of classic favorites like Pizaa Cacciatore, Pasta Marinara, Sausages, Steak: as well as dishes inspired by his travels including Thai Beef Salad and Filipino fare: Beef Steak Tagalog, Adobong Kangkong, Kinilaw and more.

CU Resto & Deli
Contact Number: (038) 502.8308

You don't get to travel the world by tongue everyday, so visit Amorita Resort and enjoy their offers such as Bohol by Night.

Amorita Resort
Amorita Resort +63 38 502 9003 |

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