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Saffron Restaurant

Wandering to a place that is new to you always comes with excitement. It is because you are aware that there are many things that will surprise you during your stay. Topping the list is food.

Amorita Resort is the spot to be when in Panglao Island, Bohol. Aside from their impressive accommodation and amenities, you'll be ecstatic with their food. 

Saffron Restaurant is the centerpiece of the resort. It is named after the glorious color of the sunset. One can enjoy both authentic local and international cuisines. It also hosts special dinners including The Deck offer, a one-of-a-kind selection that includes genuine Boholano cuisines and the celebrated Luy-a Degustation (Ginger-based dishes).

When you step inside the floor of the restaurant, you'll be charmed by how they ornament your way to the tables. Figurines and sculptures will escort you.

The ceiling is designed in a simple manner. There are yellow lights and fans.

The bar awaits your beverage orders.

Indoor area

Pool area

Deck area

Some table tops were made of marble & plastic. The chairs were made of plastic.

Tables and chairs for kids are also provided near the entertainment area.

These bottles encourage costumers how to eat clean and well.

Rattan mug mats give a local touch on the tables.

Time to talk about the food. Starting off with the bread. 

It smells good and the dough was so soft. You'll enjoy eating it to the extent that you'll forget you haven't tried the other courses.

Candy-looking butter 

The rice is mixed with pandan water and olive oil. It smells good.

Chicken Binakol composes of  malunggay leaves cooked with coconut water with young coconut strips. The taste isn't bad. It's so unique like how they mix all the ingredients.

The Chicken Halang-Halang became my instant favorite. It is very delicious. It has a milky sauce (which is the factor that made me like the entire dish) which is a bit sweet and spicy.

It is cooked with coconut milk and chili.

Fish-lovers will love Fish Sinanglay. It's Cream Dory wrapped with pechay, drenched in super luscious sauce. It is then drizzled with cinammon.

The sauce is sweet. You'll love the fish as it is so soft and fresh. 

The Guso (Seaweed) Salad is tasty. The difference of it from Cebuano Guso isn't that distinctive though.

I love the presentation of the dish.

Takla (Crawfish) is very clever. Seeing it personally or in picture, you'll get confused if there are lobsters or just shrimps in the bowl. The seafood is softly cooked and you'll love the fact that it is spicy.

Tortang Boholano (Eggplant Omelet) is very delectable! I am very sure that they mixed something very special to the eggplant because when I was a child I disliked eggplant but when I came to Saffron, I learned that all the foods in the world are delicious. They just need to be prepared well to make it taste and look the way it should be.

I fell in love with this dish.

Toron de Bohol is one of the deserts offered by the restaurant. Jackfruit and some special ingredients are rolled together in a wrapper, then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and finally sprinkled with granulated peanut kisses, carmelized sugar and a cherry.

It was good. I can't explain well about what's inside the Toron but I'm sure that whatever it is, it's something every chef should apply to their dishes.

Saffron Restaurant is by far the place that highly impressed my taste buds about Bohol Cuisine. The tastes still linger on my tongue. I can't wait to revisit the place. 

You can enjoy the delicious dishes of Saffron Restaurant for only
  • Buffet Breakfast per person Php600.00
  • Lunch (Set Menu) Php700.00
  • Dinner (Set Menu) Php800.00

Amorita Resort
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