Monday, April 30, 2012

Sooo Pinoy: Plantation Bay's Fiji Restaurant

Like many other resorts, Plantation Bay has its own line of restaurants that offer stimulating choice of dishes. Fiji Restaurant displays Asian cuisine, Palermo Restaurant displays Italian cuisine, Kilimanjaro Cafe is known for international cuisine and Savana Grill boasts its steaks.

Our third destination was at Plantation Bay's Fiji Restarant. This is the most fascinating visit we had throughout the food tour.

Heading to the restaurant is a fun thing to do. You have to ride yourself a cart because it is found at the other end of the resort. You'll be captivated by how big and fancy the resort is and how the management maintains its gorgeous look.

There is a dining area outside the restaurant where guests get to enjoy the view of sparkling blue waters.

The inside of the restaurant is simple but at some point you'll find that they give highlight to intricate yet lovely embellishments to the room.

Let's eat?

On the plate is Kissing Cousins. The name is as peculiar as it tastes. I haven't seen a dish like it. The idea of pairing prawns and lobster chunks is very fascinating, knowing that both are crustaceans, hence the name.

Kissing Cousins stands out as an appetizer because of its playful taste. When you mix all of what's on the plate, take a bite and chew, you'll enjoy how its flavors burst out in your mouth.

The flesh of the prawn and lobster are finely cooked; not a part of it is hard. The vegetables are in their liveliest colors; obviously saying that they are fresh. The droplets of sauce may seem not enough to you but trust me, they are ample because their aftertaste is strong.

This is very delicious! I even wanted to ask another plate of this dish during the tour but I failed for we needed to be on time with our next stops for the day.

The second dish served to us was Spaghetti Al Nero. This dish is very tasty.

Black spaghetti is a popular dish at Fiji Restaurant. Squid ink is incorporated in the pasta so you get the color and taste but without the mess and black teeth.

Squid, shrimps, scallops, mussels, white wine, pepperocini and homemade pasta team up in the dish. Its result? Yummy spaghetti that's filled with taste you probably haven't imagine it would bring; really fascinating!

Plantation Bay's Fiji Restaurant is located at Marigondon, Mactan Island, Philippines, 6015 Lapu-Lapu, Philippines. For inquiries or reservations you may contact them at 325059800 or email at

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