Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sooo Pinoy: Cafe Amiga

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa grants Cebu locals and foreigners alike to a whole new world of water adventure and fun. They also offer their guests fascinating food finds with their own line of international and local cuisine restaurants.

Cafe Amiga is an all-day, casual dining a la carte restaurant specializing in classical and contemporary Filipino cuisine. Its menu is balanced with services offering regional & local cuisine which is light and easy, using the freshest of local & imported produce along with many varieties of local specialties from the country and the region.

The inside is stupendous. Everything seems to be given heavy focus. The lights are lovely, the seats are relaxing, the utensils are squeaky clean and the view from inside is soothing. The place is spacious too.

After receiving positive feedbacks about the Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Cebu Leg located at the Imperial Palace, bloggers have been very excited in visiting for its services and products not to mention high expectations with their food beverages.

They served us two samples of their Sisig Embutido and Octopus Tentacles with Avocado Ensalada.

Sisig is meat cooked with selected spices usually coupled with a bottle of beer. Embutido on the other hand is Spanish for Sausage. Cafe Amiga's Sisig Embutido is made special because of the fact that it is a combination of two dishes done with added garnishing.

The Sisig Embutido was deconstructed and was filled with Cebu Chorizo and boiled Quail Egg with guava sauce and mango jelly.

The taste was pretty tricky. It was full of flavors that resulted to one mild taste. The Embutido was cooked just right. The presentation of the dish was exquisite.

The Sisig Embutido is made up of Guava Foam and Guadalupe Mango sheet, octopus tentacles, avocado and Coconut- kesong Puti Spheres. 

The Octopus Tentacles with Avocado Ensalada tasted delicious. Just like the Sisig Embutido, the many ingredients mixed to the dish resulted to a taste full of flavors. The cocoction slightly looked not-so inviting but once tasted would change your point of view.

A modernized technique was used in the creation of the two dishes however, you would know that the taste has what is of the Filipino flavor. The ingredients used were all Pinoy.

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa is located at M.L. Quezon Highway, Brgy. Maribago, 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. For inquiries or reservations, contact them at 494 5555 or email at

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