Monday, May 7, 2012

Sooo Pinoy: Mooon Cafe

Mooon Cafe is one of the most-loved restaurants in Cebu. It is a restaurant having typical international cuisine but focuses more of Mexican fare.

For the unfamiliar, this place is known for its canvas ceiling fans and homey interior. Coteries in the city who are looking for comfort food or who are in for a simple drinking session would opt for this place.

It was such a relief for my team to know that we were in for two dishes. You would understand if you have read my posts prior to this one. First up was Sisig.

Sisig is said to be Filipino's number one companion for beer. It is basically grilled pork mixed with sauteed onions, garlic and others and some liquid seasoning.

The sizzling Sisig was served in its signature container, the black, oblong pan. It was topped with egg and graced with a lemon at the side. The pork was so tender. The egg, cheese and milk made the whole thing so creamy. I love it!

The second dish served to us was Sisig Burrito. This is the newest member of Mooon Cafe's menu.

It is a combination of a Filipino delicacy, Sisig and a Mexican staple, wheat flour tortilla. It is served with red pepper cheese pimiento and sour cream for flavor.

Burrito is wheat flour wrapped or folded into a roughly cylindrical shape to completely enlose a filling.  The Filipino touch is the filling; nothing else but the yummy Sisig.

This is a very yummy dish. I love how the Sisig compliments the tortilla.

Mooon Cafe is located at The Walk, Citi Park, Cebu. For inquiries or reservations you may contact them at 4128795.

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  1. I've read about Mooon Cafe before.. Went to cebu last christmas but sad we weren't able to dine here :(


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