Monday, May 21, 2012

Sooo Pinoy: The Original AA BBQ

Filipinos have great love for grilled food. In usual informal gatherings such as family reunions by the beach or graduation celebration at home, there will always be grilled dishes on the table.

Among the many factors that contribute to our love for grilled food is that you can grill almost any sort of food, anywhere. All you need are some skewers or bbq sticks to hold your food, rocks for side supporters and coal. Also, the entire activity doesn't cost much.

When you stroll around places of the Province of Cebu, you'll find that grilling is common at nearby streets in public places. These are food-places where people can just come and go for quick snacks or long meals.

One of the well-known grilling restaurants here in Cebu is The Original AA BBQ. Many people from all walks of Cebu huddle in this place to dine in or take out orders that are simply delicious.

Customers have plenty of food choices to choose from at AA BBQ. Their menu is dominated by grilled foods but they also offer foods that aren't grilled.

Crispy Hot Squid is squid cut julienne, deep fried making it crispy, then tossed with green chili, black pepper and onions. 

It was crispy and delicious. There's nothing much to explain because it was plain good.

Sinugbang Bangus (Grilled Milk Fish) is simply grilled Milk Fish served with onion slices and fried garlic.

Thanks to the garlic the dish came with a soothing aroma and an added flavor to the fish. The onions also complemented the garlic. It sort of gave a contrasting yet helping taste to the garlic which added more taste to the fish. The fish was grilled well. Although there were slight burns, it was imderstppd that you get things like that.

The Spicy Chorizo (Pork Sausage) was really spicy. It was so obvious that it was freshly-made because it was very juicy. Again, there were slight burns but it didn't matter much because in grilling, you can't cook food evenly. You have to expose a part/ side to the fire longer than the rest of the parts to cook it well compromising the less important parts like skins etc..


AA BBQ has beverages worth the visit. Their Suncooler is a concoction of orange juice mixed with sliced fruits: Watermelon, Oranges, Kalamansi and many others. It's taste so good and is very healthy. 

The Original AA BBQ is located at Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. For inquiries or reservations, contact at 234-3015.

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