Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sooo Pinoy: Zubuchon

Cebu Province is the place you ought to be, if you're searching for the best pig in the world.

Pigs are grown, sold, and cooked in almost all of its cities. Many types of cooking are done for specific dishes; all good-tasting, probably the same with the common ones but nothing outwins Lechon.

Lechon is simply roasted pig. That's just it. What sets Cebu Lechon apart from other Lechons in the market is its special flavor. A slight difference in how you cook it and garnishing you use to perk up the Lechon makes big changes in terms of taste.

When special occasions or simple gatherings are called for, Lechon is always present at the Filipino table. It is truly loved by locals and foreigners, that they would even bring packs of it when they leave the country.

Zubuchon is known as the food chain that serves the best Cebu Lechon. 'Zubu' is the old name of Cebu and 'Chon' is short for Lechon.

So what makes Zubuchon's Lechon the best? They are very particular with everything that deals with the pig they serve.

The pigs they get are straight from backyard-raisers. They “fatten up” the animals for several days or weeks before they are slaughtered. They feed the pigs with only the freshest and often home grown organic food such as green onions, siling labuyo or peppers, local sea salt and other herbs and spices. They water them with fresh coconut water.

They preprare, acupuncture and roast the pig by hand, with no mechanized systems at all. They use natural bamboo poles over charcoal, purchased from small scale manufacturers in the highland towns of the province.

Zubuchon only uses olive oil for their pigs. They stuff it with lemon grass, garlic, onion leaf, rosemary and sea salt.

Aside from Cebu Lechon, they also have soups, snacks and desserts that contain the signature taste of the restaurant.

Dinuguan is a stew of meat and/or offal simmered in a rich, spicy dark gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili and vinegar.

Zubuchon's Dinuguan was very savory. Its taste was pretty tricky as it had a kick of Zubuchon's signature dish. It sounded like there was Cebu Lechon all over the soup. If you love their Cebu Lechon, you'll definitely love this dish. 

The restaurant's Monggo Soup was so good. The taste was flattering. The beans were cooked to the core, the vegetables were evidently fresh. Again there was a touch of Zubuchon Cebu Lechon in the soup- really good.

Their Sinigang was fine. The taste was quite good. I sort of dislike the fact that the broth was sticky, kind of concentrated. The taste seemed to me, strong.

Zubuchon's Cebu Lechon was a winner! The skin wasn't saggy at all and not over-sized. It was crispy but not hard. The flesh was soft and finely cooked. I noticed that it was full of flavors. For sure, the flesh absorbed the extracts of its garnishing during the roasting process. The entire dish looked so alluring because it wasn't full of oil. The presentation was simple and clean.

This dish is very delicious! Definitetly a must-try!

Zubuchon is located at One Mango Avenue Bldg. For inquiries or reservations, contact them at 239-5697.

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  1. I like dinuguan, bet zubuchon's version is even more delicious.


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