Tuesday, June 5, 2012

District 50's Smoked Beef Paprika, Tangy Chicken, Ronster's Beef Massaman, Spicy Belly, Tuna Pasta, Cream Dory with Pesto and Peas, Barbaric Ribs and Chicken Parmasean

Have you ever wondered why the songs of the 50s never lose its taste by many people? Why the trends of fashion in those years never lose style, even for teens these days?

Retro keeps on living even in this modern time because its term has left an impression to the world which is what we continue to search for: fun or joie de vivre as some may call it.

The songs of before were embodied with lyrics that were full of meaning and sincerity. Many of them were with energizing throbbed tempos; more for dancing. It was a mixture of entertainment and delight.

The trend before was full of character and color, not just the clothes of people but also the taverns. They all showed a likable approach that kept the public’s attention.

These two are the inspiration of two friends on opening District 50 Restaurant. 

District 50 is where you should be when you're searching for great food and that 50s atmosphere. Everything you'll find in the place is related to fun and retro.

District 50's dishes are as interesting as their interior. You can expect food that is heaven on earth.

Smoked Beef Paprika is beef steak cooked with salted mushroom; seasoned with peas & paprika and mixed with sauce & spices.

The restaurant's version of this Hungarian dish is fantastic. The tenderness of the beef steak was achieved and the sauce was oozing with flavor. 

The Tangy Chicken is composed of chicken thigh, mushrooms, orange & cucumber slices, orange extract and spices.

This is a sweet dish. The flavor of the orange gave a sensational taste to the chicken and made the sauce juicy. The chicken thigh was obviously fresh. This is very delicious!

Spicy Belly is composed of pork, water spinach, red bell pepper, coconut milk and some spices.

The pork, pasta and vegetable slices were finely cooked. The sauce was very pleasing. I love it so much. This dish has a briny and spicy taste. I love it.  

Tuna Pasta is composed of fettuccine, tuna slices, tuna-based olives, tomatoes, cheese sauce and some garnishing. It is served with two slices of Kasha Bread.

The bread slices were fresh. The pasta and the rest of the ingredients were prepared well. The taste was salty, sapid. I like it so much.

Cream Dory with Pesto & Peas is steamed Cream Dory fish served with  pesto sauce, salty peas, bacon strips.

This dish is absolutely scrumptious. The fish was cooked just right, the garnishing were fresh and the sauce gave extra delicious taste to the entire plate.


Barbaric Ribs is grilled pork ribs, drenched in sweet luscious sauce, mixed with corn and carrot bits.

The slab of pork was very tender and yummy to chew. The sauce was the star. It made the whole dish so delectable.

This is District 50's best-seller.

Chicken Parmasean is chicken breast, cooked with tomato sauce & herbs and finally topped with cheese.

The restaurant's version of this Italian dish is done very well. I haven't tasted Chicken Parmasean prior to this one but I have to say that this District 50's style is very savory.

The chicken mixed with the sauce and cheese tasted so good. It tasted like something common good.

District 50 features monthly dishes. This is a good thing to look forward to. Ronster's Beef Massaman was their dish of the month a month ago and it turned out to be my personal favorite. 

Desserts are also served to those who are still in for it. They also have beverages of all types.

All the dishes presented above are paired with a cup of rice and they are definitely worth the price.

District 50 became an instant favorite restaurant to me because of their food. They really have very good food! Honestly, I'm not into the 50s trend, the lomos or vintage-fan person, no. And don't get me wrong, I don't dislike things like that but I just really fell in love with their food. I highly recommend you to visit the place!

District 50 is located at J Centre Mall, corner Bakilid street, AS Fortuna, 6014 Mandaue City, Philippines. They are open at 10am to 11pm everyday. For inquiries or reservations, call them at 520-6562 or email at district_fifty@yahoo.com. Check them at facebook.com/district50.

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  1. How did you get to try all these in just one sitting?!


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