Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sooo Pinoy: Kan-anan Restaurant

Parklane International Hotel's Kan-anan restaurant is primarily dedicated to showcasing the best Cebuano cuisine. It highlights the well known dishes from North to South of the whole island stretch.

A perfect stomach exploration of Cebu awaits you at Kan-anan restaurant. Only authentic Cebuano dishes are served in the place.

Expect to see wooden furniture, woven mats and bright lights- simply native Cebu interior with a wonderful view of its modern version, beside.

Served to us was one of Cebu's favorite viands, the Humba.

Humba  (Braised Pork Belly) is pork cooked with dark inasnang legumes, saba banana, leaf, lime, garlic, brown sugar, chili, peanut , soy sauce, oregano, vinegar, egg and water.

Unlike other restuarants, Kan-anan cooks their dishes the traditional way, through fire wood. This dish is  normally cooked in three hours because of braising. I have to say, all the waiting paid off! It had an impeccable taste!

What makes Kan-anan's Humba better from the rest is its taste and way of cooking. The sweetness and sourness was balanced and the pork was terrifically tender. 

Throughout the tour, this is the only restaurant that entirely had Pinoy setting, serving, and food that I have visited. 

This place makes locals and visitors patronize Cebuano food and cooking. Kan-anan is the only restaurant I have known that has a whole menu of Cebuano dishes, set on an international hotel. I commend this place!

Parklane International Hotel is located at Corner Archbishop Reyes Avenue and Escario Street, Cebu City. For inquiries or reservations, you may call at 234 7000.

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