Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SumoSam's Last Samurai & Milk Teas

Devotees of Japanese cuisine have more reason to keep coming back to SumoSam.  Two new items on the menu, the Last Samurai Chicken and SumoSam Milk Teas, have proven to be a hit with diners.

The Last Samurai Chicken – with its tender meat layered with crisp, well-seasoned skin and crowned in thick luscious sauce and seasonings – will definitely delight even the most discriminating foodie. An order comes with six pieces of scrumptious chicken cuts that is double fried to perfection, with coleslaw, fries and a spicy sweet ebiko mayo dip on the side.

SumoSam also introduces its Milk Teas, new refreshments that delightfully complement the Last Samurai Chicken, and go well with other dishes. Its bestselling flavors are the Wintermelon Sanjuro, SumoSam’s take on the classic wintermelon milk tea; and the Yojimbo Green Tea, a refreshing blend of green tea, red beans and green tea ice cream.

An interesting twist of the childhood favorite drink Yakult comes in the form of SumoSam’s Strawberry Sakura and Mango Yakult – milk tea and Yakult mixed with strawberry and mango yogurt respectively. Other must-tries are the Sesame Milk Tea and the Choco Cream Cheese with Oreo, with the latter sure to satisfy chocolate lovers with its chocolate milk tea and crushed Oreo cookies. For more taste and texture, a choice of crystals, black pearls or grass jelly sinkers are available.

With the Last Samurai Chicken and SumoSam’s Milk, SumoSam has undoubtedly given Cebuanos more delicious treats to savor.

SumoSam is located at the lower ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu, The Terraces, Cebu City, Philippines. For inquiries or reservations you may contact them at (032) 401-0643.

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