Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm On Instagram!

I am part of so many social media platforms. Mention it, I'll give you my link. And so, it's frustrating for me to hear that there's a new account to be made in a new site so as for me not to get outdated.

When Instagram came into the scene, so many changes were brought about. Photo enthusiasts became great caretakers of phone cameras. They would stop in whatever they do, once in a while just to take a photo of something. The rest was crazy.

I didn't understand it. I wasn't able to comprehend why people love the application so much. It was really strange. My friends would annoyingly bug me to be part of the fad. I mean, seriously, does Instagram pay you for that?

I had a lot of convincing sessions between myself and my alter ego months ago about signing up for Instagram. Aside from the fact that I don't own a smart phone, maintaining quite a number of online accounts require time and money. You can add up the indirect cost of diminished reputation and readers lost if you fail to constantly update it.

Right now I'm thankful to my friends from Sony Ericsson for lending me Sony Xperia Play. This gave me an opportunity to sort out my not-so cyber-friendly perception about the app.

Eventually my questions were answered, by myself. The weird thought of taking shots of random things has become 'usual' to me. Odd seems to be the new normal these days, don't you think? Odd isn't always bad.

Moving on, I'm glad to inform you that I just jumped on the Instagram Bandwagon! Hurray! Clearly, my photos are and will continue to be dominantly food-related. Expect it big time!

Being on Instagram late isn't that bad, I'm enjoying every bit of it and it'll be more fun if I get to feel your presence there so please do follow me for FoodPorn purposes or Foodtography.


Follow me at @iamangelibas. Show me some love by hitting the 'like' button, will you? See you there!

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