Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Merilla's Restaurant

Food cooked at home is always different from any type of dish. Talk about sentimal values,  shared secrets & skills, and the joy of preparing dishes for somebody who matters to you.

With all the commercial cafes, eateries, restaurants and the like, in the metro today, haven't you got into the point of asking yourself "Is there a place where I can find food that is as simple and good as my mother's cooking at home?". I bet you have and there's a place I want to introduce to you that answers that question.

Merilla's Restaurant is opened for diners who search for flavors of home away from home. It uses the type of cooking that reminds you the goodness of a mother's food back home.

The place looks very classy and that's the only thing that you can call class in the place. The rest is just like home. Simple seats and tables lined up, squeaky clean like how your mother would want the table to look everytime.

The walls are accentuated with paintings and ceilings with yellow lights.

On to their food.

The food were served on plates familiar. They were plates commonly used at home- with prints, varying shapes and sizes.

Served were the following.

Fresh vegetable cuts topped with Mayonnaise.

All I can say is the vegetables were fresh.

Rellenong Bangus

The Bangus (Milk Fish) was uniquely served. It looked like sliced beef loaf. What gave the fish flavor was it's spicy sauce.

Merilla's Ribs tasted fine.

The Sisig tasted okay. I wasn't sure if it was prepared right but the egg crowning the dish was raw. It gave me a grossed out reaction so I didn't eat the pork and liver cuts that were mixed to the egg.

This tasted simply good. The chicken was tender and the sauce had a sort of concentrated tangy taste.

Drinks that are usually made and / or drank at home are available on the menu, and desserts as well are never left behind like most meals at home.

When looking for a taste of home away from home, head on to Merilla's Restaurant. It's the answer to your liking of a cut of monotony in the variegated dishes in food scene of Cebu today.

Merilla's Restaurant is located at Ground floor, Avon Plaza Building, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City. It is open from Monday to Saturday at 8:00am to 9:00pm. For inquiries or reservations, call, 514-5377.

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