Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perfect Christmas Gift

In less than a week, Christmas Day will finally arrive. With that in mind, have you already prepared the presents you will be handing over to your loved ones?

One of the questions frequently asked during this jolly season is "What could be the perfect Christmas gift I can give?". If you find this as a yearly dilemma, we're on the same boat. Don't worry though because I'm going to share to you what think is the perfect Christmas gift.

What kind of present to give? A brand new car for Dad? Mother's sought-after silverware? The latest gadget in the market for brother? A new pair of pumps for sissy? Think again. If you're thinking of things close to these, please clear your mind.

Why not gather the bunch and treat them to dinner? Cook them their favorite dishes or simply bring them to an enticing food-place with an atmosphere you're sure they will like.

A meal is a gift. It is something that makes people gather and bond. Over a spread of plates and glasses, talk about how things are going and what your loved ones are up to. Share memories worth to be retold and plan to have more of it in the coming months. Long talks, laughters and sharings make the moment special. Plus the good food.

I say food is enjoyed best with great companions.

As the list of recipients grow in number, budget is a real issue so refrain from being materialistic. If you can, give the gift of emotional and moral experience, not material experience. That for me is the perfect Christmas gift.

While many of you oppose to this statement of mine, I hope many will also understand that a gift doesn't have to be a material. A gift can come as something that cannot be held nor seen. It could be something that happens and is being felt.

I hope this helps.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. true because buying gifts can be so stressful, and how can you get in the holiday spirit if you are struggling through stress in thinking of what are you going to buy and also considering the budget. Cooking for your family and love ones is a great stress reliever.. they will surely love your present and you will enjoy the process.. thank for the idea!!!. great post


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