Tuesday, March 12, 2013

McDonald's Celebrates National Breakfast Day

Committed to strengthen our habit of starting the morning on a positive note with good breakfast meals, McDonald's will stage the first and biggest breakfast activation to date, National Breakfast Day.
On March 18, 2013, from 5 - 9 in the morning, a massive sampling of McDonald's Egg McMuffin will take place on all McDonald's branches in the country.

The first 1000 to line up during the set time or earlier will be given McMuffin coupons. These coupons are only valid within the day and no purchase is required for one to get it. Coupons are distributed and can be claimed via dine-in, take out, or drive-thru.

May it be a bike, a family van, a school bus or any kind of drive-thru, as to how many heads are in the vehicle, McDonald's will give as many coupons.

For our friends in Mindanao don't fret, McDonald's will serve Sausage McMuffin especially for you!

McDonald's is celebrating the value of breakfast in big scale. Close to 300, 000 McMuffins will be given away for free here in the Philippines. The event is participated by more than 30 countries having a total number of 5000 branches in Asia, Middle East and south Africa.

Asked why of the wide choices in the McDonald's menu McMuffin is set to star this coming Monday, McDonald's said that they want to simultaneously with participating countries, treat diners the same food. Being the product sold in all McDonald's branches worldwide, McMuffin is just fitting to be the star.

McMuffin is a filling sandwich. Buns center grade A egg, lean Canadian bacon, real American style cheese and toasted English muffins.

The treat is good. Thank the creamy cheese, truly American style and the yummy egg. Though I failed to find the taste of the muffins and the bacon looked a bit raw (which probably was purposely done that way), the overall taste earned an affirmation from my stomach.

Join the celebration and let McDonald's give you a good reason to never miss breakfast ever again. 

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