Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baker's Mill Cinnamon Otap

Whenever I visit or stay in hotel rooms, I always do a short inspection of what's on the desk and what's inside the fridge. Normally, I would see chocolates, protein drinks and Korean noodles. This time, I saw something different.

In a recent staycation, (a little play on words right there. My term for staying in a nearby hotel for a simple vacation) I found a product new to my eyes.

I came across with an unfamiliar box with a label "Baker's Mill Cinnamon Otap". I brought it home. I of course paid a pretty penny for it (hotel price stings the pocket).

Otap is an elongated brown biscuit, stretching about four inches long and two inches wide. It has a crumpled look and rough surface and is brittle and very flaky. It is usually topped with white sugar but these days, different sorts of sweeteners are drizzled on it (People tend to be very experimental just to find better-tasting foods). This Otap is topped with white sugar and cinnamon which makes it very interesting.

Otap is one of the native delicacies of the Philippines particularly in the province of Cebu. 

Baker's Mill Cinnamon Otap is enclosed in a foil package with a design of a checkered table cloth and Otap on top of it. I was astound when I opened the pack because the size of the product was way smaller than the common size of an Otap. It was nicely sprinkled with white sugar and cinnamon though.

I could tell that the product wasn't fresh. I wasn't able to smell the Otap aroma I always get to smell when eating an Otap. This one is much less flaky compared to the common or normal 'flakiness' of Otaps. It was  a bit hard (not that brittle) to break and chew. The product was obviously baked to last for weeks or probably months (what can I say, it's distributed in and for hotels).

Despite the many 'unactualized' distinguishing look and feel of a local Otap by Baker's Mill Cinnamon Otap, it didn't taste bad.

To the ones on a vacation or work travel, you can buy Baker's Mill Cinnamon Otap at department stores for less expense. Ask a saleslady as to which are the newly arrived boxes. Personally though, I recommend you to buy Otap at any local market so you'll bring home the ones that are fresh, less flaky and utterly delicious.

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