Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Food Thoughts

Often times, random notions flash right in my mind. I normally fail to jot them down on a parchment because one fades in a jiffy as another comes along. This time, fortunately, I was able to write some of it. I casted them below for your use (in ways I don't know).

A general merchandise store will never stay in business if it will not sell at least one Nestle product. (I think Nestle should pay me for this.) One can never find a sari-sari store without a single Nestle product sold. This company undeniably has strongly established its name in the food industry. Why do people buy their products? Good question! It is because they rolled and will continue to roll out consumable products which are healthy and most significantly, our needs. I think it's safe to assume that everybody drinks milk. Nestle offers milk and not just one but many variations of them. They have milk for the young and old. They have milk for the pregnant, for the athlete, for the sick and so much more. And these come in different brand packaging. (Seriously, Nestle should pay me for this.) Cereal, yogurt, coffee, water, other drinks, shelf table, chilled, infant foods, seasonings, frozen foods, confectionery & baked goods, pet-care and so much more. Name it. They have it.

Vampires will never suck my blood or even think about doing it because my red cells are fatty. Correct me if I'm wrong but are the red cells the ones that turn fat? Or is it another kind of thing in the body? Oh Shiz, moving on, I have been eating like royalty since last year and it has taken its toll on my body. I'm not saying I am diabetic (God forbid!) but I believe that I'm close to that level where I could possibly be one- if I won't regulate the amount of food I eat in the coming months. I know my body (but not as much as doctors) and I say that it's crazy filled with fats. I relate this to vampires because up to this time some of my friends in school are still not over with the vampire frenzy. I'm not into it and never will be. Anyhow, I'm sure, that if vampires where real, they wouldn't dare suck even a tad bit of my blood, otherwise they'll have their fill of sugar rush (something my friends say they don't like).

When I was a child I though Apple, Cherry and Berries were just food. I find food and gadgets a perfect tandem. Imagine munching on your favorite tacos dipped with the creamiest cheese there is while composing a line or two on a blank space of a social media account of yours. Thrilling and happy. Shiz, I'm going out of the topic again, somewhat. Okay here, apple and berries are great fruits: my perception of what they really are BEFORE. The advent of technology gave it another identity which is in a form of a device that generally helps us in connecting to the world. This, by far, is one of the fascinating styles of branding I know. I'm giddy to know what fruit or food name will be used next for a device.

Every certain amount of pain caused by wisdom tooth should make us more intelligent. I am now at the period where people eat painfully. And no, don't get me wrong, I have really healthy teeth and they are all in right formation- as per my dentist.  After turning 21 weeks ago, my wisdom tooth started going up of my gums. This caused blood-spitting every time I brush my teeth and crazy ache at dawn when I'm asleep. I don't know if you've experienced this but the pain keeps on going like a wrench trying to attach a screw to a metal without the presence of a hole yet. I think I know why this tooth is so called wisdom tooth but there should be a justification of the existence of the pain. It's bearable though but still, it spells agony. I say, the ache that this gives us people should make us more intelligent in some ways.

There you go, my random food thoughts I saved from my head a few minutes ago. I share these to you because if I won't, my ideas will turn stale and insignificant. Some other people might be able use it in good ways that I couldn't think of. If you're one of those 'people', don't forget to credit me. Thanks!

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