Thursday, May 9, 2013

Celebrate Her!

Mama, Mamu, Mommy, Mamsie, whatever the call is, we all refer to one person, the most important woman of our lives, our mother.

With only a few days left before Mother's Day, we should already be prepping up our special returns to her. We can never recompense the world's toughest job, but we can always pay tribute to such work and worker by dedicating a day in a year all to her.

To those who have already planned and prepared their gifts, good luck on that. May your mothers be filled with joy by the time you present it to them. For those who are still scratching their heads, thinking of ways to gratify, below are some usefull tips I'd like to share.
  • Mama Make-over
    Give Mama a break from her daily grind (cooking, washing, cleaning etc.) and take her to the salon to get that sought-after haircut. Follow it a derma treatment for nail cleaning and polish. Best of all, for real break and relaxation, end her day with spa treatment.
  • Kitchen Kit
    Most Mamas just enjoy the feel in the kitchen. For them, owning the good tools for cooking is a leverage from all other Mamas out in the neighborhood. Buy her a kitchen kit of any kind: a set of knives, porcelain plates, fry pans and many others. It'll make her really glad.
  • Simply Sounding
    Some Mamas are simple; all they want as a gift is something she can't say because she thinks she needs nothing else. Make her feel sound. In the morning, serve her breakfast in bed with a bouquet of flowers and her favorite song playing in the background..
  • Dinner Date
    Mama a dinner at home with dishes you yourself cooked. Prepare her favorite(s) and make it good. Don't cook? Ask assistance from the ones who do. Don't forget to serve it with a bowl of love and gratitude! Bon Appetite!
This Sunday, I'll offer my Mama, the thing I am very cramped of- Time. Whatever task will be pitched to me, I'll make sure that I will attend to it only when the day ends. I will do the things my mother always wanted to do together with me and my siblings, that we've never done before because of conflicting schedules. Simple but it'll mean so much to her. That is how I will celebrate her.

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