Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marco Polo Davao

Like the usual time I wake up on school days, I was already on my feet at 6:00am of 18 March, not for class but for a trip that I was so thrilled to experience for the past week, the Highlands to Islands: Tour Davao the Marco Polo Way.

Passengers trained to the entrance door to finally board Flight 5J 595 bound for Davao after an hour wait pass its scheduled departure from Cebu.
For a person like me who despises waiting and doing nothing, I hardly realized that I already wasted an hour of the day because I was soaked in excitement for what awaited me in the City of Royalties.

Here we go! Come with me. There's a world out there that we should see! ► ♫ ♪ #

After an hour in the sky and some twenty-minute tracking, I was already fronting what most travel bloggers consider to be the best hotel in Davao City, (*angels singing 'Alleluiah') Marco Polo Davao!

Over fresh fruit beverages, Ms. Yumny, Eric and Estan, chattered with the people behind Marco Polo Davao's marketing department. The staff were so vibrant and accommodating!

After sharing warm welcomes, Patty and Phoebe of the hotel's PR team, handed out to me and my companions our respective room keys. We then headed to our rooms to freshen up as abounding restaurant visits awaited us.

Behold, Marco Polo Davao's Premier City View Suites! First one to be the guest of this room.

I really like the window. It gave me a stunning view of the city's jolly land and waters.

The room makes an ideal site for Kadayawan Festival cheerers as it displays the route of the mardi gras.

Oh the spectacle you get when you're 15 floors high on Davao.

I always looked forward to going back to my room every night because it was so simple, so homey. It gives guests the rest they deserve from a long day.

Marco Polo Davao at night.

Merged below are two snapshots of (top) my room's window reflection and (bottom) the city view from my room.

A guest can opt to close the curtains to seclude oneself from the happenings on the road or simply leave it open from night to day, allowing the morning sun to wake one up with its gentle heat. I chose to close my curtain, though. That Friday morning, the sun heralded me with its graceful rays as I slowly peeked the outside.

Who wouldn't want to to stay on this bed the entire day? But if that means you'll be missing out some culinary activities, then let me pass on!

Ateneo De Davao (top) and Aldevinco Souvenir Shop (bottom) two of my morning sights.

This snapshot was taken during a twenty-minute rest from dining a restaurant in the city. Yes, that's 'Iron Man 3' teaser playing on television. 

I didn't really get enough sleep, or any type of rest for that matter, throughout my stay in the hotel. There were so many places to visit during the day and a lot of updating to do at night. However, the exhaustion paid off with great experiences, so I absolutely  had no regrets in participating in this trip. As usual, I slept for only five hours a day.

While Ms. Yumny, Eric and Estan indulged themselves with body scrub and massage late at night, I pampered myself with the cool waters of the hotel's pool. Why so? Because I was intrigued by what the hotel staff told us, guests, about the pool water. It is drinkable, though doing so is not advisable, since it was made up of some safe chemicals.

Accidentally, I had an amount of water in my mouth when I first jumped into it. It tasted different from the common water. It tasted like an energy drink.

The Lobby Lounge is the place to be when you just want to stop and watch people walk around the hall.

While waiting for Ms. Yumny, Eric and Estan to go down from their rooms, I did my ears a favor by listening to the cool sound of this woman's voice matched with the piano.

When I first saw this, I thought I strained into a fairy tale dream. "All I need now is a prince who'll escort me down the regal steps." I thought.

Marco Polo, the Italian merchant traveler from Venice.

On the fourth and last day of my stay at Marco Polo Davao, things were a tease. I couldn't turn myself full during breakfast at the hotel's Cafe Marco. I had a spa the night before and the feeling was just so sleepy and wanting for nothing more than the bed in my room.

Marco Polo Davao provided me and Ms. Yumny a van that took us to the places we wished to swing by for we were two hours early for our flight.

I wanted to visit at least one mall before we leave and have some milk tea fix, good thing SM Lanang is just along the way to the airport.

Ms. Yumny wanted to bring home some fresh Durians and so we passed by a market.

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.

My flight back home was my first time to ride an airbus where I wasn't seated beside a plane's window. I had to excuse myself to the passenger beside me to have a snapshot of the view outside. I apologized in my mind "Sorry ma'am, blogger on board!". I thanked her with a matching smile.

Before I closed my eyes for an hour sleep (the most practical way) to regain energy before I get back home, I took a few shots of the view outside the plane (with my seatmate's consent, of course).

I left the airbus last- another first-time experience with planes.

You may have noticed that I'm not tackling anything about food in this post. The reason for that is, while I was still in Davao, I swore to myself that I'll compose a post for Marco Polo Davao as a tribute to how accommodating and generous the hotel staff was to me and my companions. Big thanks goes to them for making my first ever trip to Davao a memorable one!

To follow are the restaurant posts that I am very excited to share so stay tuned!

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