Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jollibee's Amazing Aloha is Back

Weeks after food expert Anthony Bourdain featured Jollibee's Amazing Aloha in his show 'Parts Unknown', burger aficionados in the Philippines started making online petitions for Jollibee to bring back the dish that was gone in the country's menu for four years.

This noise in various social media platforms spread like wildfire- reaching the doors of Jollibee's executives. After much thought, they have decided to address this hanker for burgers as a thanksgiving treat and celebration of its thirty five years of existence in the country.

The comeback is set tomorrow and will stay in the menu for a limited time only. As to when, Jollibee didn't disclose. The Amazing Aloha will be available in all Jollibee outlets in the country.

I had the Amazing Aloha for dinner tonight as a preview treat for FoodieCraft and its readers.

The Amazing Aloha is two buns sandwiching bacon bits, cheese, lettuce, doused in honey mustard dressing, a slice of pineapple, and two patties.

The buns were soft, patties so juicy and the honey mustard dressing a good choice of condiment to grace the taste of such comfort food. The pineapple was the star as it enlivened the smell and taste- also giving justice to 'Aloha' relating to island beverages-juices- pineapple juice.

I normally ask tomato sauce or mustard whenever I devour burgers but the Amazing Aloha is an exemption (and so is Jollibee's Burger Yum). I have to say that there is nothing you'll want to find in the burger to make it less or more than how it tastes. It's delicious but not in a 'amazing' way. It's still delicious- the type of delicious that even among those who will try the product for once will consider another round.

This food is satisfying- can be a substitute for a good meal but I don't recommend.

The Amazing Aloha costs Php99.00 for solo and Php135.00 with regular fries and drink.

Have yourself an Amazing Aloha for snack or meal tomorrow for free! Know more in the next post.

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