Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vista Restaurant's Rice, Roll, Spaghetti, Fish, Salad, Sweet Potato and Fruits

Situated in a country full of rain forests, Davao City has one park to flaunt about for having a rain forest that's man-made.

Eden Nature Park and Resort Davao prides itself as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and a place to commune with nature and enrich bond with family and friends.

Nature, adventure, leisure, culture, gastronomy and romance are all the highlights of Eden Nature Park and Resort. One can stroll around the vast gardens, take a thrilling zipline ride, play indigenous instruments, feast lush green crops or enjoy the company of your loved one in the midst of nature wonders.

Eden Nature Park and Resort is surrounded by a cold breath of air as it s located on an elevated area of Davao.

Vista Restaurant is the park's main feasting place.

As you enter you’ll get to see the kitchen to your right and the dining area to your left.

The ceiling looks alive with its coloful and vibrant bstract images printed on big fabrics that hang on the ceiling rafters.

The dining area is very spacious that it could cater up to two hundred heads in one seating.

Rice was very colorful. It smelled good and tasted like the usual rice we order at diners. I can't tell what exactly the play of colors was  for as well as the thing they are.

The rolls were simple but good enough for the hungry stomach. The size wasn't bad and there wasn't much ingredient in the filling so I guess the restaurant is settling for safe side of taste.

Spaghetti was so Filipino- the sauce was too sweet. There was not much ground beef but too much mushroom which was new to me (mushroom in spaghetti). The pasta was done in an al dente manner.

Fish was very tender and kind of bland. The taste was good but it would have better if it was a bit stronger so people won't have to guess the taste after a couple of raises of fork.

There were so much sprinkles and sauce-like ingredient in green color that for me didn't serve its purpose. It didn't enhance the taste of the fish at all.

Sweet Potato had an addicting taste. Though I was already full and wanted to do nothing else but sleep, I was convinced to eat more. The potato was sweet and somewhat creamy. I liked the fact that it was wrapped in a tortilla wrapper- making the outside crunchy and the inside soft and yummy.

Battered Chicken was the worst chicken I've ever eaten yet. The chicken wasn't coated well with flour and had a near-to-bland taste to me. It didn't have that much  meat.

There were only two desserts to devour on; Buko Pandan and Tarts. I didn't try any of them because I was already very full with the rice and viands I ate.

The Salad Bar is, I have to say, the best thing about the restaurant. Although it is small in terms of selection of dressing, their leafy greens were of high quality.

The leaves as well as the rest of the crops and fruits are sourced from its own gardens- planted without preservatives and grown with ample sunlight and water- assuring the quality and  freshness to its guests.

I saw how green the greens and purple the purples were- so vibrant, so healthy! I've tasted the fruits, too and I say there were all very strong in its own flavor- simply concentrated.

Pineapples, watermelons and papayas

Vista Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday in both buffet and a la carte dining. Breakfast is served at 6:30 to 9:00am, lunch at 11:30am to 2:00pm and dinner at 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Vista Restaurant is open everyday. It is located at Bo. Eden, Toril, Davao, Philippines 8025. For inquiries, call 299-1020 or email at


  1. It's always interesting to see restaurants in other countries - all of the food actually looks pretty good, but I should be tasting it first!

  2. There's so many restaurant that we need to discover and we could find them in other cities and countries.


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