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Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort's Paella Valenciana, Oriental Noodles, Oven-baked Seafoods, Steamed Lapu-Lapu, Grilled Meats and Porks and Seafood Rice

Island Garden City of Samal shortly called Samal Island is the largest resort city in the Philippines. It houses many hotel and resorts that boast the opulent beauty of the beach and the sea.

One of the highly visited places is Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort. Numerous visitors can attest to its delicious food, efficient service, memorable activities and consistent maintenance.

Praised by many tourists, Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort has wisely used its abundant marine resources in an environmentally-conscious and lucrative way.

To get there, one must take a thirty-minute boat ride from mainland Davao.

You'll be amazed as to how the place is being maintained. You can't find a single plastic floating on the salt waters.

Guests are welcomed with music played by a live acoustic band. For a patriotic music-lover, I myself requested old Filipino songs. I was so happy when I saw other guests singing along with the band to the songs I requested. The songs? "Kisapmata", "Hinahanap Hanap Kita", "Himala" and many others. 

The place is dominated with bamboo branches that serve as the posts for the roofs. It looks so nice because it even more adds a 'naturalistic' feel to the place. The ceilings are perked up with colorful buntings and lanterns that take form of fishes.

The dining area is very clean and spacious. Tables and chairs are always arranged by the staff when not in use.

Unlike common dining areas from the beach, from the tables and not even from a single corner of the place have I found flies or any type of insects fluttering around.

Guests can opt to use dining tables set around four meters from the shore and about three feet above sea level or the ones that are inches away from the ripples of sea water.

At night, the tables set inches from the salt water get soaked as the water rises up to the last inch of the table stand. This gives dining by the beach a twist. Guests are to sit on benches that are under the water. Fun and exciting!

Paradise Island is very big. Saying that alone entails many things that the resort has in store for its guests. The resort provides activities for all ages with carnival shows to watch, recreational materials to rent, water sports to do and so much more.

There are two areas for dining: restaurant and non-restaurant. Those guests who brought no food or who brought food but will still be ordering food are to stay at the side of the island where the band is while those who brought food and will or will not be ordering drinks are to stay at the other side of the island. There's a corkage fee for drinks. The two areas are just a few meters from each others. Literally, there's no difference.

You get thousands of views of nature at Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort. It's so gratifying!

Wade in the crystal clear waters of Davao!

I've been talking so much about the place, I realized. I'm thinking that I have more pictures of it than the foods I've tried- the place is that beautiful!

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort does not only hold a good record for location and cleanliness but as well as its food. I have to say that if you really are kind to nature, it'll be kind to you as well in manifold! This holds true for Paradise Island!

Seafood is not best offered at beach resorts but seafood is best offered when fresh. Being good to nature, Paradise Island is gifted with fresh seafood. They catch and cook their food by themselves.

Paella Valenciana is a traditional Spanish rice with fillings of chicken, lean pork, shrimp, fish, squid, green and red pepper garnished with chorizo bilbao and slices of boiled egg. All is flavored with olive oil and saffron.

This is the best Paella Valenciana I've ever tasted! The rice was mixed well with the rest of the ingredients. There were no grains that came in white- all in orange. The seafoods were so delicious! Not one of them I tried were difficult to chew. They were all fresh as they were all juicy and flavorful.

I just love the presentation of this dish- simple but very attractive.

Oriental Noodles is uncooked pancit canton topped with broccoli, cooked squid cut into rings, shrimps and drizzled with a special sauce.

This dish is superb! The squid rings were so delicious and so were the shrimps. The sauce made the ingredients united with each other and was crazy savory! I like chewing the pancit canton while minding the sauce and squid in my mouth. This was uniquely palatable.

Oven-baked Seafoods is a bunch of seafood cut and mixed together, rolled in thin foil and baked in the the oven.

As for me, this is the best dish Paradise Island has to offer. The salty somewhat sweet taste of the mixed seafood was surprisingly very good. I like it so much!

Steamed Lapu-Lapu is Lapu-Lapu fish steamed and served with vegetable slices.

This dish came out very simple to me but I can't help but say that this tasted really good. I think it is because the fish was very fresh and though not mixed with any other ingredients, the vegetables that topped the fish somehow spiced it up.

Grilled Chicken Barbecue, Grilled Chicken Pork and Grilled Longanisa de Davao explain clearly what they are and how they were prepared. All of them were grilled. They are separately ordered but in my case, there were served in one tray.

I didn't like much the barbecue, pork and longanisa because they were hard to chew. Other than that, they tasted okay.

Seafood Fried Rice is rice with bits of cooked seafood and vegetable cuts.

This dish is simply called fried rice. I think it was done well- fresh seafood and leafy greens. It had a taste that was kind of different from usual  fried rices. I bet this was mixed with the special sauce also mixed in the Oriental Noodles.

Mixed Seafoods is simply a bowl of different seafood cuts tossed with quail's egg, leafy greens and colorful vegetables.

I like the taste of this dish. It had a bitter, sweet, salty tastes that I couldn't really put into words. It was just flavorful and healthy. I say this is the ideal salad for health-conscious seafood-lovers.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is open everyday. For inquiries, their booking address is Km. 9, 1181 Sasa, Davao City, 8000 Philippines / GF Valgosons Bldg. 1, City Hall Drive Davao City, 8000 Philippines. You may call 233-0251 or email

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