Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Rarely do we recognize the efforts of a father's role in the family. Probably because his work is not as transparent as our mothers.

While we see pictures of exhaustion and motivation in our mothers at home, we tend to forget how similar it is to our fathers. Though not seen, fathers work hard enough for us to sustain a family well-breed, supplied with ample wants and needs.

Most of us get blinded that the money we use for purchasing those trending dresses and shoes, latest gadgets and what not tracks from the labor of our fathers.

The world has set a date to annually show appreciation our fathers are worth-receiving for. And for the year 2013, that is today.

From me to all the father's in the world, Happy Father's Day!
And for my one and only Papa Michael, the banner up there is only for you!

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