Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Back in the Scene!

Hey everyone! As you can see, FoodieCraft has been quite outdated for the last two months. Blame school. Haha! I had so many things going on the past two months.
Have I told you I have problems in setting priorities? LOL
I have been receiving so many event invitations (mostly food-oriented) and I have been declining all of them to give way to my responsibilities in school. Being a third year college student is not easy , especially when you're enrolled in a school run by strict nuns.

What's keeping me busy, really?

Before August and up until the end of September I have been practicing for five hours a day, my sport, Table Tennis for the 2013 intramurals. As a team captain, I have to take over the position of my coach who has been caught up by his work. I single-handedly trained my team.

That month just until yesterday, I have been managing the school paper. Being the editor-in-chief, I had to edit articles, review illustrations, lay-out (I don't have a lay-out artist in my cohort) and constantly visit our publication house.

Another thing is that, I am currently making my thesis which has to be done before December ends (you college studs feeling me out there?) There are so many researches, interviews and writing to do.

I'm an officer in the mass communication department of our school. By this I mean, weekly meetings, two events in a month and participation in interschool meetings and competitions.

Also, I'm having my internship at a local newspaper. If you are based in Cebu, Philippines and read the paper every Thursday or so, you've probably skimmed some of my articles- most of them about food.

And don't forget that I have a life, too. I've got friends and family to spend time with. Though they express that they understand how busy I am, I still find time (sometimes) to stop and give their fair share of it.

All these things plus the usual to-dos a college student has to work on: homework, projects, reports, study, and others.

This semestral break, I'm going to come back in the blogging scene as some of the things that I have mentioned above are already accomplished. Wish me power in doing so! 


  1. With all that work to do, I can't believe you're doing all that with just one body. :))

    God bless, Ange! You're very accomplished. I wish I could prioritize and multitask as well as you can. :)

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Thank for the kind words, Justinne! God bless you and your blog, too! :)


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